Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Pay Per Post Post For ShrewdLease.Com

One of the only things more complicated than buying a vehicle, I think, is leasing a vehicle.

It may be true that Knowledge Is Power is an overused phrase, but in this case it's both true and critically important.

There are simply too many variables in the best case to take things for granted. Combine that with having too many things to do, too little time and the stress that goes along with making a big ticket purchase. What you come up with a potential financial disaster in the making.

That's where ShrewdLease.com's Lease Tool comes to the rescue. This, to me, is a five-star website.

I was quite impressed by the scrolling message at the bottom of the screen saying ShrewdLease.com believes that on-line information should be freely available to all. This is an instance where I couldn't agree more.

ShrewdLease is provided FREE to all users. On-line report storage is free. Memberships is free. Don't get the idea that you get what you pay for; the easy-to-use lease evaluation tools are first rate.

I was, I must say, impressed by the ShrewdLease.com website. It's bright and bold, comprehensive in content and easy to navigate.

The FAQ page, I thought, did a good job answering any initial question a person would likely ask {frequently}. The downloadable checkform is helpful to collect necessary information for an effective lease evaluation.

There's a well populated page of links. The site has a disclaimer preceding the page of links; something I felt was well done.

The two things I thought could be done better on the site were the Contact Us page and Feedback.

There are three different, "targeted", emails provided for contact. It's bumps things up a level or three if there's an option for phone contact. Or, even live chat.

It's good to see them looking for feedback on how things worked out for those who use the service. It would be better if results/feedback was readily accessible for viewing.

In closing, I'd say if I have anyone asking questions about a vehicle lease I would not hesitate to direct them to ShrewdLease.com.

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