Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Good Week In The Blogosphere

Photograph by Kilroy_60
It's been a good week in the blogosphere for me.

The best thing about Pay Per Post, aside from being paid to blog, is that it presents a creative challenge. It's easy to get into a comfortable groove; writing a certain thing in the ceratin way. When you post more frequently what was comfortable can get monotonous rather quickly.

Earlier this month I started a series of posts fearing the letters of Hunter S. Thompson from Fear And Loathing In America - The Brutal Odyssey Of An Outlaw Journalist 1968-1976.

The first was Fear And Loathing At Owl Farm aka If Dr. Gonzo Had Been A Blogger

Next came, If Dr. Gonzo Had Been A Blogger...

That was followed by If Dr. Gonzo Was Blogging Instead Of Writing Letters...?

Then came one of my all time favorite posts, on what for me is a dark day, On The Anniversary Of Hunter S. Thompson's Suicide - An Interview With Dr. Gonzo

Finally, there was That's How I Roll
"On other fronts, life at the Owl Farm remains much the same as always --- a never-ending chain of crisis-peaks and occasional peaceful valleys. If I'd had any sense I'd have been a goddamn lawyer , but I'm a bit too old for that now, so I guess I'm stuck with whatever I am." - Hunter S. Thompson
{page 703}

What I thought were the best posts this week, oldest to newest, that didn't feature Dr. Thompson's letters...
If you haven't checked out my profile recently you may want to have a look. I've updated it.

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