Saturday, March 22, 2008

Broken Links - Have The Spine To Speak Up

I have a sidebar category for Blogosphere Link Exchanges.

Some of the sites listed there are done by bloggers I've come to think of as friends. Some of the sites are there only because they carry my link.

There has never been consideration on my part of automatically linking to someone only because they link to me.

I believe there should be mutual interest and a shared desire to work together to make linking truly meaningful.

Frankly there are link categories The Gonzo Papers is listed in at some sites that I'm not especially happy with, but everyone manages their sites and creates link lists in the way they feel is Right; so you either live with it or you don't have the link.

I purposefully don't alphabetize my links, for example, and I, at times, shuffle the order. There are some people, I suspect, who don't like how that works out. Selah.

What I find really pisses me off is when I visit a site with whom I have a link exchange only to find they have dropped my link, without saying a word to me. That, I think, is chickenshit.

It bothers me, I suppose, since I make a point of letting someone know when I'm dropping their link. I believe that courtesy is the least someone deserves. Of course this is a day and age when courtesy is all too frequently lacking.

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