Monday, March 10, 2008

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Carolina Software is the industry leader in solid waste management software.

Locations across the United States and Canada have WasteWORKS software installed and supported by Carolina Software.

This cost-effective, complete, turnkey solution waste management software is utilized for the management of...
  • landfills
  • transfer stations
  • waste-to-energy facilities
  • MRF's
  • recycling facilities
WasteWORKS Waste Management software is, in fact, just one of the company's industry-leading packages. Also available are WasteWIZARD Scale House automation software, WasteWALKER mobile device software and WasteWORKS Container Billing software.

I was quite impressed by the company's website.

Having both a CONTACT US and an INFORMATION REQUEST option reflects, to me, the company going the extra mile to connect.

In a similar vein, there's information available on PRODUCTS, an ORDER FORM and access to TECH SUPPORT.

I give this site an A in an industry where it's essential to have success.

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