Monday, March 10, 2008

Winter Fatigue And The Writer's Refuge

Photograph by Kilroy_60
Have I mentioned that I've had enough of winter? Yes, so make that, more than enough.

The winters I enjoyed most were the years I was in college. Or when I was living on campus, even if I wasn't going to class. Since then, more than anything it's a pain in the ass.

These days it takes a special circumstance for me to gain much enjoyment from such weather. The snowdrifts in The Writer's Refuge, I think, made for an interesting photograph. I can't say much more for it.

One week until St. Patrick's Day. Another, like Cinco de Mayo, of my favorite days of the year. That will be fun regardless...

All in all, I'd much rather be trying to line up a good shot of an undulating green, working out how to get a putt into the hole.

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