Monday, March 03, 2008

Thinking Of Using A Telemarketing Company To Represent Your Business?

It's been suggested, by some, that the best way to pick a telemarketing company is to have them give you a pitch over the telephone.

Clearly, you want a company that will have strong product knowledge, one who will be able to effectively answers questions and who is proven in its ability to handle objections. There's a world of difference, though, in having them sell their service versus having them represent your company.

My recommendation, if you're going to use Telemarketing to marketing your business, is to visit the company.

It's important to get a good picture of what goes on in the trenches; which means not only meeting with the executives, but talking with the people in charge of technology, those that do Quality Control, with the front line managers and those who work on the phones.

I suggest going a step further. Find out how the company schedules their phone reps and visit the call center during each shift. It's important to listen to the calls, and to see how the room supervisors do their job.

To me, the best measure of potential success is to see the executives, and front line managers, personally make calls. That, I think, should be part of the test before they get the contract to make calls. Have them write a script, test it and show they can achieve a level of success.

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