Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Counting Down To Spring

Photograph by Kilroy_60
Winter is my least favorite season. It's too cold, too often, the days are too short and it's next to impossible to play golf. By the time March rolls around, I'm sick and tired of seeing snow.

In 16 days it will be spring.

Spring is an interesting season. Yes, it can still snow, which is a pain in the ass, mostly because fatigue with such nonsense set in long ago. What makes it easier to take is knowing the end is at hand.

On the other hand, when an autumn snowstorm blows in you know the potential of a long winter is all too real a possibility.

That's the crux of the problem with winter. Whatever date is on the calendar is of little consequence. Winter can shorten both spring and fall.

If all goes well, a change in seasons will be noticeable in about two weeks and we'll be able to kiss winter '07-'08 good-bye.

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