Friday, July 04, 2008

Now, More Than Ever, It's Time To Make America PURPLE.

Photograph by Kilroy_60

Red States and Blue States {Be sure to put the Red before the Blue in George W. Bush's America} have become a mainstay of the American lexicon. Boil everything down and that is the root of the problem in that we should be Purple.

Not that everyone should share the same beliefs. But it needs to be about US not We and Them --- or We and Them.

People are flocking to the far ends of the spectrum, not only abandoning the middle but seeking to ignore {at best} or deny {at worst} the existence of the other. One thing for sure, the agenda of whichever group you do not belong is likely being dismissed. There is no meaningful dialog, no debate, no exchange of ideas. Let alone any effort to find common ground.

Further, we seem to have lost sight of a basic principle on which this nation was founded. While the person {men thus far} who lives in the White House is said to be the most powerful in the world we should not forget it is because he works for US --- ALL OF US --- Red and Blue and Blue and Red. And the people who work in that building with the big dome at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue {the ones who are empowered to choose the wage they will be paid} are charged with representing us.

Who is the "us" that is being represented in Washington, D.C. and {insert the name of your state's capital city}? It's the fanatics at the farthest ends of the spectrum that are setting the agenda and creating the environment in which we are expected to survive. The majority of us are silent in terms of what counts.

You (whomever you may happen to be} are more likely to have voted for the winner of American Idol than for the people who are charged with representing you in our government(s = local state and federal). You are most likely also not one of the people making telephone calls, sending emails, transmitting faxes or writing letters to the people responsible for creating policy and making law.

If you are happy with the way things are then you likely needn't do anything. {All indication are there are very few of us who are happy with the way things are.} Continue as you are and there will be no improvement. Although things could get worse.

Starting tomorrow declare REAL independence. Stop being part of the silent majority.

Engage in conversations about political matters with people you know and people you don't know. Don't have fear to express what you think or to stand up for what you feel.

Don't forget that communication means listening not just talking and hearing. Listening and considering the value of information that is offered to you. It's not about being right or wrong; it's about finding what is best for the country as a whole. Not for whatever particular niche to which you belong.

Write an email, make a telephone call, fax, dare I say write a letter to someone who is representing you at the local state or national level each week.

As this becomes a habit perhaps you'll contact one at each level on a weekly basis. You can make contact to support what that person is doing, to object to what they are dong or to suggest an adjustment in their stance to better reflect what is better for your community or your state or your country.

Don't be silent. Don't whine or bitch to people who don't have the power to do anything about the situation with no follow-up. Do encourage people {those who agree with you and those who don't} to write that email, make that call or send that letter.

One last thing. Whether you're happy or unhappy with the way things are do one thing ----------------------------VOTE.

This narrative originally appeared on 4 July, 2006.
Over the past two years the Bush Administration has
continued to foster a culture of division. Now, more
than ever, it is essential that we come together and
Make America Purple.


Maria said...

Very interesting commentary Kilory but in order for legislators to be contacted and views to be expressed we would need someone who listens and acts.

Purple you say... Legislators whom ever ours might be... do not seem to be interested in what "the people" want.

If they were interested Gas wouldn't be costing a fortune, milk prices wouldn't be skyrocketing into the galaxy and well the destruction of the middle class would not be happening.

Just my take on things, I do agree with you we must vote. The question is for which scallywag do we put "our" trust in when all seem to be snakes in sheep clothing...

Till than.. I blindly close my eyes and choose because one "SOB" is no different than another "SOB"!


wcgillian said...

This is a great post! I would not dump all of the blame on G.W. however. It appears to me that the entire D.C. cartoon is out of control and it is time that everyone recognizes this. As far as the first poster above, hold onto your shorts, you havn't seen anything yet. Everything we use is made of crude in one state or another.