Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn Colors And My Three-Year Blogiversary

I enjoy the colors of Spring, but it's Autumn's colors that I look forward to every year.

Spring colors come more as a Relief from the ravages of Winter. All too often, though, Spring can be a Tease. A flowering tree in blossom doesn't necessarily mean the end of freezing temperatures or snow.

Autumn, at least for me, is more a time of celebration.

By the time the the color of the season arrives football season is in full swing, it's time for the only part of the baseball season worth watching and both basketball and hockey season are kicking off.

I hit golf balls year-round. If I had to choose between playing a round on a warm Spring day or a crisp Fall day I'll play in October any time.

I'm playing much better this time of year, of course, but it's also more interesting playing in the Fall. I don't even mind losing my ball when I can't find it under the fallen leaves. I tend to light a joint and walk around "looking" long enough to smoke it.

I'm happy to grill a steak any time of year. There are more and better foods to go with it during the Fall than in the Spring I think. I also love all the pumpkin products that become available this time of year.

Autumn has been especially good this year. The colors, as you see, have been vibrant and there are still a lot of leaves on the trees.

It's great to see, especially today on my three-year blogiversary. Thanks for stopping by to share it with me.

Now, I'm going out to play golf. Ciao.

Photographs by Kilroy_60


Unknown said...

What beautiful colors in celebration of your anniversary! Blogs are difficult and fickle, three years is an amazingly long time to be up and running! I give you two thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary (Birthday?), Kilroy.

I only recently found your good self but there's a whole treasure trove of posts to work through, so I'm sure to be here a while.

And don't forget the Cool Whip with your pie. Can't have pie without Cool Whip... ;-)

Rachel said...

Fantastic! We don't get that much color changing here... looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of both Spring and Fall - I don't like it too hot, and don't like it too cold. This falls right in between. :)

Happy blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

congratulations to your blogiversary.
lets go for the next 3 years of fallen leaves and lost golf balls.

take care and enjoy it.

MSS said...

Very beautiful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd year blogiversary. Time flies and you did a great job maintaining the blog. Beautiful autumn to accompany the big day. All the best to you Kilroy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your three year anniversary.

Beautiful photos of fall, and a great mental picture of you enjoying the search for a lost golf ball under all the leaves.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary!! :) Hope you are here for another 3 or more.

My journey after my lapband said...

Happy Blog ann....Awesome pictures love...hope your game was a good one today!

Take care

Rana Sinha said...

Happy Anniversary! Surviving 3 years is an achievement. May you have many more colourful years!

Anonymous said...

Congrats with your three years anniversary - I have mine the 11th of November :-)

The pics are really great and proves the golden beauty of fall. I had the same experience playing golf the other day too!

Anonymous said...

really beautiful colors - not the typical fall colors you usually see. love the lime green leaves.

kuanyin333 said...

Happy Blog-anniversary!

Your photos make me long for the Fall!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I am so jealous! No pretty fall leaves here in Fl.

Anonymous said...

Happy three year blogiversary!

isabella mori said...

i'm late as usual - and happy blogiversary! i really love how you put your images together.

Walkiria said...

Such beautiful colors. Wonderful how indifferent to our daily dramas Natures is. And that is priceless.
You are a poet with a camera.
Happy blogversary!