Saturday, October 25, 2008

Volunteering For The McCain/Palin Presidential Campaign

After my Sarah Palin article ran earlier this week I was feeling mischievous.

I went to the local McCain campaign "victory office", picked up a dozen yard signs and signed up to volunteer.

Beforehand, though, I went to the local Republican party office to pick up some signs and bumper stickers for other GOP candidates. I walked out, literally, with as many yard signs as I could carry in one trip.

When I went to the "victory office" the woman working there, who was the only one I saw, said she could give me one sign, adding that they're in short supply.

I pulled some bumper stickers out of my back pocket and told her that I was looking for more than one sign.

When you're the one whose willing to go out and do the errand...people ask for your help, I told her. I have 11 people waiting for signs and bumper stickers.

They're going in different yards?, she asked me. I told her they were and she responded that there were people coming to the office asking for 20 signs so they could line them up across the width of their yard.

When she gave me the signs she also asked if I would volunteer. I said I'd be happy to...and signed up my neighbor whose a big Ralph Nader supporter with a bad attitude when it comes to McCain. I've been out of town so I haven't seen him yet to get word about the McCain campaign calling.

As for the McCain/Palin sign I put out in The Writer's Refuge, right at the entrance where you can't miss it, TheSpecialOne just shook her head and laughed. When I went outside the next morning it was gone and no words were spoken of it.


Anonymous said...

You mischievous rogue, you... ;-)

You should get some old JFK signs from eBay - now THAT would be worthy of theft... :)

Rachel said...

Hilarious... if I put one up here, someone would probably come by and place balloons and streamers on it.. lol

Jackie said...


One of the frugal or recycling sites might even have uses for Opposition signs....will let you know if I come across one ;)

My journey after my lapband said...

LOL, that is too are so out witting them...just shows how much they really do not understand.