Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Am Voting For Barack Obama To Make America PURPLE

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It was July 4, 2006 when I first called on the American electorate to Make America PURPLE.

The tide of change began rising that November when Democrats became the majority party in both the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.

In February of 2007 Barack Obama went to the old state house in Springfield, Illinois to announce he was running for President of the United States.

Now, I am asking you to go to the polls on Tuesday and join me in voting for Barack Obama.

Why am I casting my vote to make Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States?

Barack Obama is best equipped to bring much needed change to America and to resolve a myriad of problems brought by George W. Bush with the support of John McCain.

Barack Obama is the one most capable of bringing the generational change necessary to move beyond the past represented by John McCain and offer hope for a bright future.

Change and hope have been the consistent theme of the Obama campaign.

Barack Obama has shared a vision of what America can be, offered a comprehensive plan to deliver a higher quality of life and demonstrated that he possesses the leadership ability necessary to get the job done.

Choosing Joe Biden to join him on the ticket reflects Obama's good judgment. He has attracted support from the best and brightest people in America ranging from Warren Buffet to Colin Powell.

Reaching across the aisle is something both Obama and Biden have demonstrated the ability to do successfully. That will be more necessary than ever to resolve problems both at home and abroad.

The Obama/Biden team is best suited to foster a relationship of trust with our allies and return America to a position of being both respected and admired around the globe.

America will be more secure with Obama at the helm.

The misguided and poorly managed occupation of Iraq will end. The true War on Terror in Afghanistan, which has been largely ignored to focus on George W. Bush's war in Iraq, will get much needed attention and we will be victorious where it counts most.

Talk of Barack Obama raising taxes is, in fact, the righting of a wrong done by George W. Bush. Again, with the support of John McCain. The wealthiest one percent of Americans were given huge tax breaks by Bush while the middle class took a good screwing.

Giving the middle class more opportunity, making it possible once again to achieve the America dream will be a top priority for the Obama Administration.

It is Barack Obama who has the best plan and is most capable of revitalizing the economy and fostering prosperity in America.

When the American economy was threatened by the near collapse of the banking industry, and in turn Wall Street, it was Barack Obama who exhibited leadership while John McCain was both unsteady and erratic.

The emphasis of John McCain's campaign has been to focus on attacking Barack Obama. His choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate reflected both bad judgment and that he, as George W. Bush did, would pander to the Republican base in order to get elected.

Conservatism, religious fanaticism and partisanship are not what is needed in the White House at a time when the United States of America is at one of the most critical points in it's history.

Vote on Tuesday for Barack Obama. He is right person at the right time, just as John F. Kennedy was almost 50 years ago. The future is in your hands and it's important you do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

very interesting perspective!

Jesse W.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering. What will Obama do to make America more secure?

Obama isn't going to raise taxes. He's just going to let the tax cuts Geo. Bush implemented run out, therefore, HE won't raise taxes.

Didn't Geo. Bush give us middle class folks tax cut checks, as soon as he got into office? And this past year too?
Just wondering-- or am I forgetting something??

Anonymous said...

I can't vote for him for different reasons but one being of where he stands on abortion and another about his attitude toward our flag and national anthem.

Kilroy_60 said...

Read the article again, Tina.

We're spilling blood and spending money in Iraq to fight a war George W. Bush chose for whatever warped personal reasons he has. All we're doing there is stopping civil war among the tribes, we're not fighting terrorism.

Barack Obama will take on the terrorists directly, where the waterhead son of Texas has largely ignored them.

That and returning respect around the world will make America more secure?

Do you support John McCain? I ask because you seem to have praised one of the worst Presidents in American history who has had the support of John McCain, according to the Senator himself, 90% of the time.

Further, national security and economic security go hand-in-hand so George W. Bush and John McCain have, together, made America nothing less than at risk.

Don't come and dump bullshit on my door then run away, Tina. Where's your website explaining why you support George W. Bush and/or John McCain?

SlateReport said...

I cannot see how anyone with any type of common sense would even bring up GW Bush. Kilroy has a way with words and what he says is right on the money. Tina you need to go back to class and learn your history.

Kudos Kilroy!

Rachel said...

Woooooo for Obama! I'm on board.

Anonymous said...

Right on Kilroy.

My journey after my lapband said...

Right on Kilroy!

I don't think Tina gets why we got the tax break checks....because hes going to tax us MORE. DUH. We wouldn't need a tax break if he wasn't planning on putting our woes somewhere else.

OBAMA ALL THE WAY!! Early VOTE if u can!

Manifesto Joe said...

In 2001, Bush threw the great unwashed a handful of chicken feed, compared to what he gave his rich friends, then proceeded to practically bankrupt the country by fighting an unnecessary and expensive war while stubbornly defending those tax bonanzas. The bleeding is still unstanched. Anybody who doesn't get it, that Bush is arguably America's all-time worst president, is not worthy of dialogue. It's like somebody trying to argue that some drunken gambler who squandered most of the family fortune was just a victim of a bit of bad luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree...

Purple is my favorite color! LOL

Kimberly :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree GW Bush is the worst President this country has ever seen! He ruined everything President Clinton had achieved with foreign affairs and our economy, I still can't believe the American people voted him in for a second term. Kilroy is absolutely right!! I voted for Obama and am proud to say so and think he will surprise all the unbelievers