Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Life We Live Comes From The Choices We Make

How did I forget music? Stoned.
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"The blogosphere is my sandbox where I go to play."

I learned early in life to work hard and take pride in doing a good job. Also that working is easier when I'm not deprived of time to play.

Another lesson I learned was that with freedom comes responsibility and that breaking the rules has a price. Of course if you're willing to pay there's no reason not to stray.

It became apparent early on that conformity would never be my strong point and that should not be something about which I feel concern.

There was emphasis put on the fact that relationships are something to be held in high regard and not be be taken for granted.

I'm not especially interested in most of the websites that fall in the category of social media. I'm quite comfortable and enjoy spending time in the blogosphere.

The one social media site that captured my attention and held my interest at this point is StumbleUpon, most likely because of it's similarity to blogging. Beyond that, most of what I have to deal with is related to work I do with clients and I have some associates I lean on for that.

Every now and then someone asks what attracts me to blogging or what I find enjoyable about it. On both counts the best answer would be, making a human connection.

I was thoughtful in crafting the header and the about me section in the sidebar of this blog. There should be no doubt what I'm all about, what I think or how I feel.

There was a time when nobody was reading Fear and Loathing - The Gonzo Papers. I've had more readers at times and less readers at other times. Having readers, I can say without qualification, makes blogging more fun.

As for being popular or looked at as prominent, neither are important to me and I couldn't care any less. What is important, the only things that are important, are to have fun and to feel my time has been well spent.

I've had the good fortune to connect with people who are like minded and with people who are very different, yet open-minded enough that we're able to get along. That combination unquestionably make blogging both more interesting and more fun.

I welcome your comments on any post, whether you agree or not with whatever position I've taken. You may or may not enjoy what I've presented, there's no accounting for taste.

Comments are moderated, because I'm not attracted to processed, canned meat and I am not running ads that invite people to visit other websites. Not unless they're sites I choose to recommend.

The first three years have been anything but boring, that's the one thing I don't expect to change. Ciao.


Unknown said...

Hi, I must say, I am glad we met through stumble. I, for the most part enjoy your blog. I also have enjoyed the shout outs you have given me where it concerns things that mean a lot to me, such as my petition and the charities I work to help. I also enjoy the naughtiness of your site. It reaches the non conformist in me. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, Michael.

(Well, I could have, but then I'd have to charge... joke!)

I agree - blogging can be one of the loneliest pastimes around - yet it can also be one of the most rewarding if you connect with just one like-minded person.

Keep 'em coming, mate. :)

Anonymous said...

This is great. As I am quickly learning the Ins and OUTs of blogging, I have found that censorship abounds. I wish things were different, and blogging were easier. Its painful to see blogs wane and die off. But the sad truth is when a blog stops updating, it dies in memory almost immediately.

I appreciate this blog, although this comment is jumbled. i just found out my dog died.

Rebecca Laffar-Smith said...

A connection and sharing with others is the reason I blog too. It's fantastic to be able to experience life with others. Thank you for sharing yours and congratulations on 3 years. :-)

peacefulstorm24 said...

I have enjoyed your posts, although we haven't known each other long, we do have similar thinking on several aspects of life. When I read your posts, what I enjoy most is...your pure honesty, even if its not something someone would want to hear.

I feel very confident that if I ever had a difference of opinion, I would be first in line to tell you!

Anonymous said...

As always your posts are fantastic. I am very glad we met through Stumbleupon. I also am glad you turned me on to this blog. It is always great. Thanks for it all.


Anonymous said...

All you really need as far as social networking sites right now is Stumble and Twitter anyway.

I like your approach. Yes time well spent.

Anonymous said...

It is all about making those connections, and thought one never knows how and when they will occur, if your heart is true and your always shootin' straight, the good connections will happen, and life will continue to be rewarding.

Anthony said...

Checking out the Gonzo Social Media Carnival.

I think Danny did a good job putting it together.

Regarding this post, I agree that it's the human connection that's both most satisfying and rewarding when it comes to social media.