Friday, November 21, 2008

Debt Consolidation Money And Saving Money Is A Top Priority For Most Americans

In 60 days Barack Obama takes the oath of office as President of the United States. In some ways that will signal the beginning of a new day, but it won't be the start of an immediate turnaround in the American economy.

Consider that...
  • We've been looking for the bottom of the stock market for months and by all indications it's nowhere in sight.
  • The bailout of the financial system has been a remarkable failure.
  • The potential of deflation taking hold is becoming a realistic possibility.
  • The unemployment rate is rising to heights not seen for decades.
  • At the recent G20 meeting world leaders refused to shake George W. Bush's hand in a high profile event.
Suffice to say, debt consolidation is a priority from sea to shining sea.

Yes, unless you happen to be the CEO of a Detroit car company or a bank that received an infusion of cash {sic} from the American taxpayers you're more than likely looking at ways you can consolidate debt and save money.

A common problem people have with debt in today's economy is having multiple credit lines draining their finances. That's something I've seen with some of my consulting clients. I've been recommending that they consolidate them which enables a single payoff plan.

Debot consolidation, needless to say, is a better option than bankruptcy or even credit counseling. It reduces your monthly obligation while enabling you to have a single monthly payment. Best of all, it allows you to become debt free faster.

Check out for excellent debt consolidation resources including a library of helpful articles.

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