Friday, November 21, 2008

Photographs By TheSpecialOne

What a great surprise I had on Monday.

TheSpecialOne captured the first {real} snow of the season in The Writer's Refuge. What had come earlier was nothing more than a dusting.

Yes, I got one....

It was TheSpecialOne, though, that truly celebrated the best of the arrival of Winter. This series of shots she got, I thought, was rather impressive.

I think I may just have to take her out for a photo safari. I'll have to give that some thought and come up with something good for her to shoot. Other than snow!


Anonymous said...

Looks we are not in Costa Rica anymore, dude! This bears a striking resemblance to what I see when I look out of my window today, here in Northern Michigan!

Kilroy_60 said...

Downstreamer... I never considered giving up my home in the United States. Even when I was lucky enough to score property in Costa Rica before it became gentrified.

Suzanne Casamento said...

Snow looks fabulous to me! Haven't seen it in forever - living in So. Cal. Great pics!