Monday, November 17, 2008

The First Snow Of The Season Marks The End Of Golf For 2008

Photograph By Kilroy_60

I was wrong on Friday, I'm happy to say, when I thought that I wouldn't get out to play golf again this year.

As it turned out I played with TheRedhead on Saturday. We also got out to play 18 holes.

There weren't many people on the course, mostly because it was gray, cold and a bit windy. But, it was dry and that was the deciding factor. {The fact that TheRedhead's father has a cart with a heater helped.}

We didn't bother keeping score; in fact both of us played three balls. It was fun getting out on the course one last time this year.

Better later, of course, in front of the fireplace giving TheRedhead a full body massage after grilling steaks for dinner.

We woke up this morning to snow. For me, that officially marks the end of the golf season. It led to a long morning in bed, though, which makes for a delicious substitute.

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