Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Web Hosting Geeks Is A Go To Resource For Anyone Seeking A Web Hosting Service

It's rare in this day and age to see a company achieving any sort of success that does not have a website.

Given that I run a small consulting firm and only accept clients by referral it's not unusual for me to encounter situations that are out of the norm. That's why I'm not surprised when I meet with a potential client and find that a website is missing from their toolbox.

It's easy enough to enlighten people to the benefits of a website, which in some cases may be a marketing vehicle and in other cases an e-commerce portal, but it can be a challenge to make them understand the dynamics of how they establish an online presence.

The part of the conversation that tends to throw people off, for some reason I can't say I understand, is web hosting. Once you see the light go on then you have to be sure they understand how to best identify a service provider.

I found a website called Web Hosting Geeks, thanks to Pay Per Post, that is a great resource both for learning the ins and outs of web hosting and for choosing a web host.

The library of articles Web Hosting Geeks provide, I believe, answer any question a person would have about web hosting.

There are also a variety of different types of reviews that allow you to get the best possible picture of what features and benefits each web hosting company offers.

I'd rate this site, without hesitation, an A.

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