Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Extended For More Holiday Fun

The night leading up to Thanksgiving is typically one of licentiousness for TheSpecialOne and I.

This year, though, it was her turn to host the family Thanksgiving feast and that provided a perfect opportunity for her sisters to stay overnight.

I visited with the three of them for awhile, drinking mimosas and playing dominoes.

After that I was on to a night of debauchery, fueled by Columbian flake, with TheRedhead. It became especially intense when TheSpecialOne called for a bit of phone sex before retiring for the night and TheRedhead provided oral pleasure.

TheSpecialOne wanted to do something special to make it a memorable holiday for the family. So we created a winter wonderland theme in the hallway leading from the main portion of the house to the master suite.

After dinner, that is after the main course and before dessert, I went out for a walk and a smoke with one of TheSpecialOne's brothers. The only time he gets high is when we get together, so I made a point of dipping into my stash of purple haze.

By the time everyone left Thursday evening TheSpecialOne and I were both ravenous and a tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over us.

It wasn't my intention to be out of circulation for this long, but we didn't leave the house Friday other than going for dinner with MarthaStewartLite and her husband. Then Saturday we went and got a Christmas tree.

This year TheSpecialOne decided to decorate the tree in gold. I shot these photos last night using the night vision setting...

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bulletholes said...

That tree is making me dizzy.