Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Blog Carnival Just For Stumblers... The Stumbleversary BASH!

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I'm celebrating my first year as a member of the social media site StumbleUpon with a blog carnival.

The Stumbleversary BASH!
...will be held here on Tuesday, 16 December, 2008.


Why? To introduce the concept of blog carnivals as a way of meeting other stumblers and seeing the work they do in their blogs, other than reviewing web content.

{This is not a request for or an inviation to stumble anything. It's a social gathering to become acquainted with new stumblers and/or to get to know "friends" better.}

What do I submit? Any post {on any subject which is not of a sexual nature} that you've written in your SU page, that is not a review of web content, is eligible.

If you're going to write something specifically to submit to the carnival I'd like to see something such as...
  • What attracted you to SU?
  • What about SU appeals to you most?
  • What has your experience on SU been like?
  • What improvements would you like to see in SU?
When? Deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, 13 December.

Send the URL of your post to kilroy60@SU

*** To get the URL, click on the date/time of your post, then copy from the address bar near the top of your browser window and paste that it your email. ***

How do I see the carnival? Beginning Tuesday, 16 December I'll have a post running in this blog with links to each of the entries I receive. You can stop any time to check out the post and click through to read the entries.

To conclude, if you have any questions I'd prefer you write a comment on this post. I'll write a comment to answer the question, so if anyone else has the same question they'll see the answer.

This may be a first for blogospherians {a Kilroy_60 original} in the Stumbletron!


Rachel said...

What a great way to meet other Stumblers! I look forward to sending in a post for this.


Peila Kolassa said...

My personal reasons for joining SU was more therapeutic than social although I have found that aspect very satisfying. I simply wanted a venue to express my opinions and to be creative in a small but effective way. I have pretty much accomplished that as my needs are not overwhelming in this direction and most of what I do on SU is more for my satisfaction than anyone else's.

beverlyz said...

Our network marketing team recommended SU as a way to build relationships and expose our business opportunity to the community. I also enjoy the friendships that I am building!

Jamie said...

I joined for the same reason you did Beverlyz, but now I've fallen into it and the possibilities just keep expanding

Anonymous said...

I'll be getting my post in Kilroy!

Kimberly :)