Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Campaign To Rewrite History Has Begun

It's been fascinating watching George W. Bush and his cronies beginning a campaign to rewrite history even before his term has come to an end.

History will judge his performance in office, the waterhead son of Texas says. It's not important to him whether or not he's popular. He's the decider who made the tough calls to do the right things for the country.

Once the political rancor has faded and an unbiased review of his presidency can be conducted, Bush and his cast of clowns say, he will be seen differently than he is today when three out of four Americans consider him one of the worst Presidents in history.

He stood defiantly before the White House press corps this week bristling at the assertion the federal government responded slowly in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In the face of facts the President of the United States, broadcast live on national television, lied.

When asked about his mistakes the President resurrected a story that's been told before. Hanging a Mission Accomplished banner, he said, was a mistake. It was their intention to send one message and having the banner there sent a different message.

Somehow his saying that combat operations had ended and we were victorious escapes his memory.

You can be sure before Barack Obama is sworn in next Tuesday that Bush will grant preimptive pardons to his partners in crime. Those who could be prosecuted for actions performed on his behalf will become immune to prosecution.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are two self righteous turds to be flushed.

The best thing they did in eight years was to cause the balance of power to turn from Republican to Democrat in 2006 and to poison any chance his party had of making a good showing last November.

George W. Bush became a pariah in his own party.

In 2006 candidates would not be seen with him in public...even while using him to raise campaign funds behind closed doors. In the Presidential campaign John McCain stayed as far away as possible after supporting the Administration 90% of the time.

What pisses me off is that the political rancor he whines and bitches about is the product of his behavior. The atmosphere of hate that surrounds him is of his own making.

Mark my words, when history judges George W. Bush he will be seen as a worse President than any of us can imagine today. His Administration will rank as one of the greatest clusterfucks ever seen in the Western world.


Danny Brown said...

There are clusterfucks and there are clusterFUCKS - then there is George W. Bush.

The fact that he won't be leaving the White House in chains heading toward impeachment is perhaps an even sadder indictment of our reluctance for justice. By "our", I mean the crooks on Capitol Hill...

The world is watching like never before, Obama - don't fuck it up.

Sheila said...

Good riddance to the Bush presidency. I hope Obama is true to the promise and hope he has inspired. Democrats, remember the lessons and vow to follow Obama's lead.

Global Patriot said...

What is important here is that the public at large remain diligent in the need to bring all truth to light.

In the case of the Bush administration, this will be a 50 year process, as so much has been hidden from view and will therefore require repeated legal steps to uncover what actually happened during this 8 year period.