Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Week Of Celebration In Perdido Key, Florida

Photograph by Kilroy_60
I was overcome by wanderlust leading up to the AFC championship game and the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

The Master Baiter suggested we go to Lost Key, Florida. Three calls and about eight hours later we touched down at the Pensacola Regional Airport.

Suffice to say, it's helpful having a friend whose a private pilot. I'd rather toke a joint of K60 bud and drink Flying Dog as I'm so inclined than pay $5 for a cocktail when the drink cart comes down the aisle.

TheSpecialOne, as it worked out, wasn't able to join us until late Monday night. That gave us four days for golf, fishing, poker and football.

When we arrived at Perdido Key it didn't surprise me to find that The Master Baiter has a friend, Dr. Feel Good, with a house on the water, a boat and a seemingly ever-present Cohiba Esplendido cigar.

Dr. Feel Good is a regular at the Lost Key Golf Club. It's a beautiful golf course and let me tell you, I saw the wholllllllllllle course.

The one day we didn't golf or fish, prior to TheSpecialOne's arrival, was Sunday. That day was devoted to football. At least the majority of the day; we still played poker later that night.

After the Tennessee Titans' Keith Bulluck and LenDale White stomped on The Terrible Towel toward the end of the next-to-last game of the regular season I was looking forward to seeing the Steelers return to Nashville and whoop their ass.

The Titans, though, were sitting at home last Sunday watching the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens face off for the third time this season.

No team in the NFL has won more games at home since the merger in 1970 than the Pittsburgh Steelers. Combine that home field advantage with the league's number one defense and you have Mike Tomlin going to the Super Bowl in his second season at the helm.

It was great to see Rod Woodson present the AFC championship trophy to Steelers owner Dan Rooney. Woodson will be named a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2009 the day before Super Bowl XLIII.

Once the Steelers had punched their ticket to Tampa our attention turned to Washington, D.C. and the end of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's reign of terror.

I've been amazed at the effort being made so people will somehow believe that what we've seen of George W. Bush's Presidency has been misunderstood.

More than anything, though, the focus was on celebrating Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Dr. Feel Good organized a party for the Inauguration. There were just over 50 people to watch Barack Obama be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. The first guests started trickling in just before the Bidens arrived at the church and the last ones left about 12 hours later.

One of the most interesting things about inauguration day was that a few guys who voted for The Waterhead Son of Texas twice and then McRage were there to play poker after the party. It turned out to be a blood bath. The more I rattled their cage the madder they got and the more they bet.

I donated the maximum amount allowed to the Obama campaign during the general election, $2,400. When my new Republican friends left I'd won almost all that back. Shooting fish in a barrel couldn't be any easier.

Doctor Feel Good and The Master Baiter spent more time on the boat the past few days and I hung out with TheSpecialOne. It was good to get home this afternoon. I didn't even mind that it was snowing.

Photograph by Kilroy_60


Tumblemoose said...

It do sound like a helluva trip!

Anonymous said...

...all I can say is "Good show, man. Give those right wing bastards a stiff liberal poke at all costs and when necessary".
Nora in the Northland, who is infinitely jealous of your new Commander and waits daily for a better idiot in her own government.........

Rachel said...

Now that's a way to celebrate the new president! Sounds like you had a great time down there. I was conflicted over the inauguration because on one hand, Barack is president.... Whoo!... and on the other hand, Bush is back in Texas where I am... meh... lol!

But in all seriousness, I thought the whole attempt at "honoring" Bush before he left office to be way too late and an automatic click to see what's on the other channels.

And those Tennessee Titans... they used to be the Houston Oilers, you know. People here get a little upset when they win. I think it's funny but I can understand. The Oilers sucked for so long here.

Have a great weekend!