Monday, April 20, 2009

Carnival of Cities Goes GONZO...AGAIN!!

In the news...

The blogosphere is abuzz with news of a blog carnival happening May 6th. That's because it brings together two of the best known and most successful carnivals going, The Gonzo Blog Carnival Series and Carnival of Cities.


Yes, for the sixth Gonzo Blog Carnival this year I'm joining forces with Sheila at Family Travel Guide and hosting the carnival here on May 6th.

Submission guidelines...

---(-)-> One entry per blog {blogs only}
---(-)-> Posts featuring any aspect of a city, town or region
---(-)-> No posts that are advertisements

Recent posts are preferred, according to the Carnival of Citiesl guidelines. I'm open to consider posts regardless of when they were published. If there's a problem, I'll let you know.

The sort of posts we're looking for include...
  • Comment on a local politician's latest blunders
  • Share a favorite restaurant review
  • present the city from a tourist's point of view
Entries are being accepted now at:

Submit your entry - with the submit line Carnival of Cities - including:

---(-)-> Your name as you would want it to appear
---(-)-> Name of Your Blog
---(-)-> URL of Your Blog
---(-)-> Title of Your Post
---(-)-> URL of Your Post

---(-)-> Note the City/Town/Region that is the subject of your post

---(-)-> Choose one of the following categories:
  • General
  • Local News
  • Local Opinion
  • Recreation
  • Travel
The Deadline for Entries is 12 noon, Monday, 4 May. As always, the Gonzo Blog Carnival is sponsored by For Your Success.

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