Saturday, April 11, 2009

Heinz Six Pack Pays Tribute To Six-Time Super Bowl Champion Steelers

Heinz Field is one of the best known venues in all the sports world. That doesn't come as any surprise given that it's the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl champions two of the past four years.

Some remember Heinz Field for a 2007 game played with what some consider among the worst field conditions in the history of the National Football League. That contributes to the aura of Heinz Field being a tough place to play for visiting teams.

What's certain is that the Steelers and Heinz are two of the best known names in the city of Pittsburgh. No wonder that Heinz Field is called "The Big Ketchup Bottle" by ESPN announcer Chris "The Schwam" Berman.

Up until now the six pack Pittsburgh was known for carried an Iron City Beer label. But, the H. J. Heinz Company is changing that, at least for the moment.

That's because Heinz has introduced a six pack of it's own...

Yes, that's right. The Heinz Six Pack pays tribute to the Pittsburgh Steelers being the first team in the National Football League to win six Super Bowls.

Heinz's Steelers Six Pack is only available for a limited time at a cost of $35. Individual bottles are available at a cost of $6.

You can order Heinz's Steelers Six Pack at


Tumblemoose said...


I'm glad I was able to ketchup with you through this post.

Ahh yes. It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall of this marketing meeting...



Global Patriot said...

So I'm thinking that the ketchup is just representing the "blood" spilled on the field of battle during the season.