Sunday, April 05, 2009 Has Solutions For Small Businesses

It was good to get away for a week to recharge my battery, but I've had to pay a price for taking the time off.

I've been spending a lot of time at Widget Manufacturing so Thursday I devoted most of the day to conferring with my other clients; determining where we are on various projects, assessing what priority issues need to be addressed next and setting lists of action items both for me and personnel at the companies.

Occasionally I meet with the owner of a company in which GoIrish! has invested. This time it was a fabrication company that's setting up a new website.

Vendor sourcing becomes much easier when you can refer a client to an independent source of information to compare and contrast options. When it comes to web site hosting I use

What I like about is that the site provides comprehensive information on what features and benefits individual hosting companies offer.

The reviews are excellent and, again, easy to understand. Issues like user friendliness, tech support, customer service, reliability & uptime, space and price are all rated on a five star scale.

Being able to look at reviews from individual users is especially valuable.

The fabrication company I was meeting with had selected to host it's new website, simply because it's a well known name. Once we checked out my recommendation to look at other options carried more weight.

During the meeting the subject of free vs. paid hosting came up. That's understandable given the state of the economy. At the same time, there is validity to the axiom you get what you pay for.

A post on Free vs. Paid in the Web Hosting Geeks' Blog helped me address that issue.

This morning I got an email from GoIrish! saying he has investments in a few other companies who are having website issues and he's like me to meet with them. I'm setting up conference calls Tuesday and Wednesday.

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