Tuesday, July 07, 2009


There's been some confusion, even resentment, among some readers related to these Site Meter related posts. I thought this would be a good time to be sure my intent is clear.

I installed Site Meter here on 6 March, 2007; It's just before midnight on 7 July, 2008 and this is the summary portion of Site Meter's traffic report. {Clearly, I'm not bragging about this being a high traffic blog.}

From the outset it wasn't the total on the counter that interested me, but the places where visitors were located and specific visits I saw as notable.

Notable to me means milestone 100s and 1,000s as well as quirky numbers that come up in the count.

The last milestone visit I managed to catch was number 60,000; the person who recorded that visit was in Grimstad, Norway.

Some recent "quirky numbers" were...

Visit number 56,565 which was recorded when a person from Farmington, Connecticut landed here....

A person from Franconia, Pennsylvania came and recorded visit number 57,575....

Finally, in the quirky number category, there's visit number 60,606 which was recorded when a person from Copenhagen, Denmark came....

This isn't a high traffic blog and it never will be. I'm unwilling to do the work necessary to make a counter spin here.

While it's nice to see visits added on to the counter, what's important to me, what makes time devoted to social media worthwhile, is the human connection.

To the friends with whom I've established such a connection, thank you.

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