Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Contemplation In The Writer's Refuge

Earlier today I sat down to write a conclusion to the Last Road Trip series, but I didn't get very far.

In fact, I didn't get any further than reading the installment that dealt with spreading Al's ashes at Wind River Canton. All I could do at that point was close the laptop.

I haven't had any second thoughts as to whether or not taking the trip was the Right thing to do. It's possible, though, that those weeks on the road compounded the trauma we felt over Al's suicide.

There are a number of blog posts I'd like to write including...
  • A look at the Super Bowl XLIII Champion Pittsburgh Steelers in advance of the 2009 campaign
  • What I've found about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's plan for the future
  • A rant regarding some spineless former "friends" on SU and Twitter
I also want to share some thought in regard to the book I'm reading, Nixon's Shadow [The History of an Image] by David Greenberg.

Writing a blog post, though, wasn't what I needed to do today.

It was contemplation that I needed to do and there's no better place for that than The Writer's Refuge.

Shooting these photographs was therapeutic.

I was able to escape thoughts about certain parts of the Last Road Trip that haunt me, put work issues aside and forgot about a myriad of tasks waiting to be done which, when weighed against the things that are truly Important in life, are meaningless.

I learned early on in life that it's Spirituality not Religion that Works for me and I was blessed with wonderful mentors as I set out to find the Right career path.

Being well grounded and comfortable in my own skin is what gets me through.

These days there aren't many places I'd rather be than in The Writer's Refuge and I think it makes for as good a blog post as any travelogue.

Awhile back I had an opportunity to collaborate with some women to write erotic stories.

Erotica isn't my specialty, of course, but when you have a group of women writing sex stories and they ask you to join in, well, what can I say, I'm not one to object.

I can't say whether these tales of ladies, goddesses and bitches are any good or if they're worth reading. It will be interesting to see what sort of response comes when I post them. It was fun working with the women on the stories and, for me, that's all that matters.

That's it for me tonight. I hear TheSpecialOne stirring upstairs...I'm going to draw a bath for her.


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crys said...

As humans, death can most often leave us feeling vulnerable. Without answers to the question of why. Any death, but especially a suicide.
We contemplate the meaning, and most people are left dissatisfied by answers, the reasoning offered by others. Every stage in life we look forward to, even the most bittersweet ones... They are natural and basic. A pregnancy, the birth, firsts of everything... up to and including adulthood.
Except death. Of any kind. Why? The answer is simple really, we were not created to die. That was passed on to us by Adam and Eve when they sinned.
However, what many do not know... even those who put faith in God's Word, is that there is a solution. A promise by Him, that will end death and even rectify deaths that have occurred previous to it's fulfillment. That being resurrection, to life as promised by Christ at John 5:28,29.