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The Chosen One

The Chosen One

Installment 1

The glow of candles is reflecting against the wall. Soft music is playing in the background to set the mood.

Jessicah is hosting Roger for dinner. They are having a light chicken pasta with salad. It is all set up on the table.

Jessicah meets Roger at the door with a long lingering kiss. “Hello”, she whispers. “I missed you my dear Roger.” Kissing slowly down Roger’s neck Jessicah whispers, “I have something special planned for us tonight.” She takes Roger by the hand and leads him into the dining room.

Jessicah has sought to make everything just right tonight; seeking to have everything most pleasing for Roger. As they finish dinner she takes his hand and leads him to the bedroom.

After taking Roger’s clothes off, Jessicah lays him down for a sensual massage.

She has chosen a lightly scented vanilla oil. Jessicah starts at Roger’s neck and rubs in circular motions around and around. She kisses his neck and move her hands to his shoulders and then down his back. Jessicah is kissing Roger intently as she tends to each part of his body. She massages his legs and feet wanting him to be completely relaxed.

Moving back to begin kissing Roger’s neck again, Jessicah whispers, “Is there anything that you need baby? Are there any tense spots that I need to work on?”

He takes her hand, runs it down the front of him and says, “Something right there.” Jessicah whispers, “I will be getting to that part soon enough.” She turns Roger over and leans down. She is kissing his lips softly, rubbing his chest and moving down to his stomach; kissing each part as she rubs it. Jessicah runs her hands down each leg massaging and kissing every inch.

Jessicha wants Roger to feel the love in every gentle touch. She wants him to feel the passion in every kiss she places on his body. She wants him to know how much desire she has for him; to know his needs are very important to her.

This is a different roles for Jessicah.

She is strawberry blonde haired, green eyed and has long been called beautiful. Men are attracted to her as moths are to a flame. She has grown accustomed to having men be attentive to her needs. Those she has chosen have worshiped her. It maybe just that, Roger is the first man Jessicah has ever pursued. She understands the lengths men have gone to attempting to nurture a relationship with her. Jessicah wants Rogers to want her and she is well equipped to make that happen.

Installment 2

From the moment he saw her, Roger thought Jessicah looked beautiful. He had come to learn, though, that physical beauty is the result of good breeding and it guarantees nothing. They had developed a close relationship up to this point. It was very enjoyable for both Jessicah and Roger, but they had never engaged before as they were on this night.

Roger had, in fact, purposefully not made a move toward being intimate with Jessicah. He felt sure that men pursued sex with her at the first indication she would allow it and he was right. He wanted to see what her reaction would be when the tables were turned. And now, she was reacting in such a way that men dream of.

Jessicah moved down and begin licking Roger's shaft. She ran her tongue slowly from root to tip...being very mindful of the feeling she wanted him to provide him with as much pleasure as she could. Jessicah was devouring Roger's cock into her mouth. She took him into her throat, gagged a bit, but did not stop. Jessicah was sucking...and sucking harder....running her tongue all over him.

She had an overwhelming desire to bring pleasure to Roger. Jessicah was quickly coming to realize she wanted to give herself to Roger because he was the one she loved. It had always been men doing these things to her, doing things for her. She had never wanted to do for a man what she was for Roger

She moved her tongue down around in circular motions as she took him fully into her mouth. Rubbing his balls with her fingers and running her tongue around... searching for his special sensitive spots. Jessicah was driven, wanting Roger to experience total satisfaction.

Jessicah loved hearing Roger moan and say her name. It was taking her to one level of excitement after another as she heard him call out her name time and time again. She loved having him in her mouth. She desperately wanted this to be a pleasurable experience such as Roger never had before.

Jessicah then began kissing slowly, tenderly up Roger's stomach. She continued, moving up to his chest while looking up to his eyes. Jessicah didn't stop rubbing Roger's hard cock with her hand as she moved her lips toward his.

Feeling his hands against her skin and seeing the desire in his eyes Jessicah leaned in to kiss Roger passionately. She rubbed his hard cock in between her wet lips teasing them both, letting him feel how warm and wet he was making her while she was feeling how hard he was for her. She raised her hips up and down rubbing him against her...

Jessicah kissed down his neck and shoulder, then slid Roger back and forth against her wetness. Moaning and whispering in his ear How Much she desired him...only him. Jessicah asked Roger if he desired her as well. Roger told Jessicah that he wanted her, he had wanted her since he first saw her. "I love you, Jessicah", Roger said breathlessly, "I love you!"

Jessicah then has Roger kiss and caress her breasts as she slid his head slightly inside her, She let him feel the tightness of her on him... lifted her hips back up and rubbed his hard cock against her clit. Enjoying the stimulation from his cock. Jessicah looked into Roger's eyes and kissed his lips deeply as she worked him all the way into her. Sher whispered in his ear "I love you baby...."

Jessicah kissed Roger's lips as she worked her hips slowly back and forth, up and down savoring every moment, every movement with him. Roger turned her over and move slowly in and out, in and out as he kissed her breast and then her lips.

Roger raised up and put Jessicah's legs on his shoulders as he increased his and out, in and out, in and out. His hands on her hips, pushing and pulling. And then, they simultaneously released. Roger screamed Jessicah's name as he came. It sent waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. One after another Jessicah was engulfed by the intensity of orgasms as she had never before experienced them. She didn't want it to ever stop.

Installment 3

The room fell silent. Except for Jessicah and Roger's breathing. He held her close; softly, slowly caressing her back. She put her head on his chest and listened to his heart pounding for her. She ran her fingertips over him, thinking of how he tasted and how she loved having him inside of her.

As the candles burned casting shadows upon the walls, Jessicah fell asleep with Roger holding her. He gently roller her over being careful not to wake her. After watching her sleep for several minutes, Roger got out of bed, put on his robe and went for a shower.

The water ran hot and steam filled the room. Roger washed himself slowly. He was thinking of how Jessica's hands felt on him.

Jessicah awoke to find Roger gone. She stretched, eyes closed thinking of him. She got out of bed, put on her robe and went to look for him. As she made her way down the hall, Jessicah heard the shower. She entered the bathroom, being as quiet as she could.

Jessicah untied her robe, slid it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She eased herself into the shower. Standing behind Roger, she put her hands around his waist. He said her name, slowly. She moved her hands down his stomach to his hips making small circles with her fingertips as she went. Jessicah took Roger's cock in her hand. He was growing harder and harder for her. She loved the feelings; both of bringing him pleasure and knowing the power she had over him.

Roger felt Jessicah's breasts against his back. Her nipples so hard. She was rubbing them against his back as his body quivered beneath her touch. Her body was tingling wanting him to touch her. He felt her lips on his back; her tongue began moving up and down with a soft, warm touch. He felt the heat knowing that she wanted him so badly.

Jessicah put her hands on Roger's hips and guided him to turn around and face her. As she leaned against the wall, he could see how pink and hard her nipples were. Jessicah took her fingers and opened up her lips for him to see how swollen they were and how hard her clit was. She took her finger and so slowly touched her clit. Roger watched Jessicah intently. From the expression on her face he knew that this felt so good to her. She took the juices from her pussy, brought her fingers to her lips. She tasted and then fed them into Roger's mouth.

Jessicah noticed that Roger was slowly stroking his hard cock while he was watch her. Knowing that he wanted her as she did him. She turned her back to Roger, spread her legs, reached out her arms and leaned against the wall of the shower. She wanted to feel his now rock hard cock inside of her. She reached down and stroked her clit hard as she felt his hard cock plunging deeply into her. She said his name, encouraging him to quicken the pace. Jessicah knew he wanted to cum as he was buried deep inside of her. They were both are so intuned with each other; moving in perfect rhythm. Jessicah let out a primal scream as she felt him release his cum. All her juice drove him wild and he was exploding. She absolutely loved having his cock.

Installment 4

Having completed their shower, Roger wiped Jessicah dry. He moved slowly and deliberately over her body. She purrrrrrred as he kissed her where he had just been drying. She then did the same for Roger. Jessicah loved touching, kissing him and tasting him.

Roger picked Jessicah up. She put her arms around him, interlacing her fingers behind his head. They looked into each other's eyes and then began kissing. There was one soft, slow kiss after another while he carried her from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Laying her on the bed carefully, Roger gave Jessicah a kiss that was anything but short. This kiss was filled with tenderness, although it was not gentle as those they had just been sharing. It was a hard, wet kiss that exuded passion.

Breaking the kiss, the couple looked into each other's eyes. Roger was lost in Jessicah's eyes; he had always loved her incredible green eyes. He told her that he was going to the kitchen; he would return with a snack. She didn't respond. He lit several new candles as he moved about the room; replacing those that had burned away.

Roger was turning out the light as he left the room; he paused only to watch her throw the covers back and lay on the crisp sheets. She moved her body slowly over the softness of them, her eyes sparkling in the candlelight.

"Please, don't keep me waiting too long," Jessicah said. "I really want you next to me. I want to feel you, not this empty bed," she said. He nodded and walked out of the room. It seemed to her that Roger had been gone forever. She was keeping an eye on the clock so she knew it had only been a couple of minutes, but she was anxious to have him with her.

Every nerve ending of Jessicah's body taut with desire, she slowly started stroking her legs as he had done earlier. Remembering the feel of his hands on her, first one leg then the other. Three minutes, if she didn't have him soon she would die. Rather like needing a next breath, only it isn't there. She placed her cupped hand over her smooth pubic bone; she bent her knee opening herself up and ran a finger over her wet pussy. Remembering where his mouth had been, she traced the patterns that his tongue had made with her fingers...getting even wetter. Feeling the the desire grow, she inserted two fingers inside herself stroked her clit and pussy a couple of times. Jessicah threw her had back, whispered his name and climaxed intensely.

That is how Roger found her; back arched, eyes closed, running her fingers over her pussy. He watched her for a moment, not sure if she knew he was there or not. He really didn't care, he enjoyed watching her pleasure herself. His hardened cock left no doubt about that

Roger set the plate of cut fruit and freshly whipped cream atop the magazines on the night table. He walked over to the bed and touched her inner thigh. Jessicah stopped immediately; she hadn't known he was there. She smiled at him, deliciously. He was not sure if it was him or the goodies he had prepared. She made room for him next to her on the bed. When he sat down, she kissed him tenderly. Jessicah was sure to let Roger know the smile was for him and not the strawberries and whipped cream.

"I am so glad you are back, sweetness", Jessicah said. "I missed you." She picked up a strawberry and fed it to him with the fingers she had just pleasured herself with. She made sure he could taste her along with the strawberry. She then licked her fingers tasting herself also. "I see you did", replied Roger. "I'm glad I wasn't gone any longer." He said it with a gleam in his eye. She knew, then, that he had been watching her. She turned her head away from him. Roger touched her jaw and turned her face back towards him. He whispered against her mouth, "I enjoyed it very much."

His body was craving for her; needing to be inside her now. Knowing she wanted the same and that she wanted it just as badly was a powerful aphrodisiac. Roger slowly positioned himself between her legs. He was rock hard and she was dripping wet. He entered her very slowly, both watching as his hard cock disappeared inside her body. She raised her hips to get more of him inside her. He lowered his lips to hers and kissed her, rocking gently in and out of her. Roger set a slow, sensuous pace. No thrusting hard, but more rocking slowly making love to her tenderly. She felt so fantastic. He was touching her all over. Having him treat her so tenderly made Jessicah feel truly loved. She moaned her pleasure and tightened around him; causing him to inhale sharply.

She smiled at Roger, kissed his neck and bit his earlobe slightly. She continued moving against him as he moved against her. As her pleasure was building Jessicah wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him into her harder, using her thighs to increase the speed and depth of his thrusts. The intensity growing , building driving her closer and closer to the edge. He could feel her body quickening, feeling her muscles start to contract around him involuntarily. As he pushed her farther until she screamed is name Rogggggerrrrrrrrr and looked into his eyes. Jessicah's eyes had that hazed look, like she was in two places at the same time. Then she shuddered uncontrollably and slipped over the edge. He followed, orgasming uncontrollably and screamed her name Jisssssssssicaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, slipping over the edge and free falling with her.

After what seemed like an eternity, their breathing returned to normal. They could see each other again. Roger kissed Jessicah and put his head on her shoulder. They talked for quite some time which holding each other. Kissing when they wanted to and stroking each other at will. He started to pull out and roll over; she grabbed him and asked him sweetly not to move just yet. She was not ready to lose the feeling of him inside her. He kissed her sweetly and lay back against her again. After a few more minutes Jessicah looked at him. She said that no matter how much each of them wants it, they cannot stay like this forever. "So move slowly, please," she told him.

Installment 5

It had been an extremely busy day for Jessicah. While it was a challenge, she managed to keep on task. She saw patients, did paperwork and worked on a PowerPoint presentation for her next class.

Now it was "Jessicah time". She sat back in the cool leather chair. {It was the first indulgence she bought as her Psychology practice boomed} She thought about where she was; her thoughts were focused on the one she wanted to spend time with.

Roger, to Jessicah, was exquisite. His wide shoulders, slim hips and muscular frame electrified her. Just to look at him was a blessing to her. The way he moved; the way he rested his chin on 2 fingers when he was deep in thought; the way he slept, with one hand always touching her even when he did not know it. It aroused her body.

One evening, sitting alone on her couch, as they talked he seemed so animated. He had moved his hands as if caressing her, slowly. The way he dipped his head as he spoke; the way his chest rose and fell when he breathed made her so excited. He turned her on just with a look. He was perfect.

Sitting in the chair, she started to wonder, to fantasize, about them growing closer. The subject had never been brought up, but she wanted him in her life every day, every night. Jessica wanted to talk to him about the mundane things that happened in her life, the day-to-day trivialities that she experienced. She wanted to come home and make dinner for him, knowing that he had a hard day at the construction site. Then they would eat and make love all through the night until exhaustion claimed them.

Jessica wondered if, perhaps, she was truly in love with Roger. They were so compatible, so comfortable with each other. Every night of passion made the bond grow stronger. She found herself not being able to concentrate, thinking of him. Yet, she was not apprehensive about their relationship. They were together now and she was ecstatic.

Looking at her watch, Jessicah decided to have a bite to eat at the corner restaurant once she left the office. Everything that needed taken care of was done. While she had no specific plans she was looking forward to an afternoon of self indulgence.

Mrs. Simpson walked in and announced an emergency patient was there to see her. She exhaled, feeling frustrated that her plans had to be changed in the instant. Having worked together for five years, Jessicah trusted her secretary would not allow the patient to see her unless it was absolutely necessary.

When she raised her head she saw Roger coming through the door; looking as though he had stepped out of the pages of GQ. She smiled, walked to him, reached out her hand and introduced herself. Roger told Jessicah that he appreciated her being able to see him today. With Mrs. Simpson now behind him, Roger smiled warmly at Jessicah. As they shook hands for a moment, moreso as he held her hand in his gently rubbing her palm, she wanted nothing more than to pull him into her.

Before she closed the door, Jessica told Mrs. Sampson this would be her last appointment. From her tone, it was clear Jessicah would be leaving after this appointment. Jessicah gave a slight nod of her head; the secretary said she would be leaving and see Jessicah on Monday.

Installment 6

Jessicah woke up slowly; it was just after 6am.

She began to stretch and felt Roger's arm across her bare chest. Shifting slightly so as not to disturb him, she stretched and snuggled deep under the blankets. Pushing her naked body close, Jessicah felt his manhood pressed against her ass. She wriggled to get as close to him as she could. The more she wriggled, the harder his cock started to become.

Jessicah stopped moving and whispered, "Roger..." Hearing his regular breathing, she realized that he was still asleep. Her moving had not woken him. So, Jessicah decided to continue and see how hard she could make Roger while he slept.

She began pushing her ass against his cock, sliding it up and down the shaft. With each movement she felt how his cock was beginning to throb. She began to feel the low heat in her groin start to grow. It was the same need in her that had always been there whenever she was near him; a hunger that could not be fed and satisfied.

Jessicah turned herself around to face Roger just as he turned over to lay on his back. Trying not to wake him, she crawled and positioned herself between his legs. Slightly opened, relaxed and easy to maneuver, she began touching his balls. She massaged them gently with one hand while the other rubbed the head of his cock. Feeling it pulse under her fingers, she put one of his balls in her mouth. She sucked gently, rolling her tongue over it. Then she did the same with the other; slowly rolling it on her tongue.

She dragged her tongue from his balls and up the shaft of his cock, all the way to the top. She licked intensly at the head of his cock. Not wanting him to wake just yet, she put only the head of his cock in her mouth, sucked slowly and ran her tongue over the head slowly. She continued doing this while she massaged his balls with one hand and slowly stroked his cock with the other under her mouth.

Roger began to move his hips, and groaned. Knowing now that he was beginning to wake she pushed the remainder of his cock into her mouth. His body jerked and stiffened as Jessicah pulled his cock out of her mouth and pushed it back in quickly. She began pumping it in and out of her mouth. Quickly feeling his hips raising up to meet her mouth with every thrust she took him closer to fullness.

She heard his whisper, "Baby" as she slammed her mouth down over his cock, pushing it deeper than before. Moving faster, feeling the need in her growing with every movement of his hips, Roger reached down, took hold of her head and pulled his fingers through her hair. He grabbed a hand full of it and pulled slightly; pulling her hair and pushing her head down so his cock went deeper into her mouth. Wanting to please him Jessicah took it all. She moaned feeling that the heat inside was growing as she sucked him.

He took hold of her head and began to pull her up and toward him. Wanting to kiss his lips, to taste his mouth on her, needing it so much, she left his cock and moved up his body. Jessicah's breasts scraped thier way up over Roger's body 'til they came to rest on his chest. Her nipples hard, pressed against his, Jessicah's mouth found Roger's; embracing it in a passionate kiss that would smoulder the dry leaves falling from the trees in the street outside. Feeling his tongue probing her mouth, she opened it and allowed his tongue access to the sweet wet that was her mouth. As they broke from the kiss she bit down softly on your his lip, pulling it with her teeth 'til it fell away. She kissed gently down his neck.

Jessicah straddled Roger and lifted his hands to her breasts. She sat atop him gently grinding her already wet pussy on his cock; whetting it ready for the ecstasy that she had in mind for him. Wanting him deep inside her she lifted her ass and positioned it so his cock was resting on her pussy lips. Now dripping with moisture in anticipation of what was to come, she pushed her ass down so that only the head of his cock was inside her. She moved her hips in a circular motion while she clenched and released the muscles massaging his cock. She kept doing that while he pulled and squeezed her nipples...working his fingers into her tits.

She felt him pushing up with his hips. Wanting his whole cock inside her, she was bucking wildly.

Jessicah now leaned forward and kissed him. She made him lay still. Once he was laying still she fell impailing herself on his cock. She was still grinding her hips; leaning back as far as she could to get every bit of his cock inside her. She rubbed her clit against his skin. She began to move slowly up and down his shaft; leaning forward now and then to kiss his lips, she looked at him with his head thrown back, bucking with his hips.

Roger grabed Jessicah and throw her onto the bed. He demanded that she show him her ass. He roughly grabbed her by the hair and pulled; thrusting his cock deep into her from behind. He frantically pumped his cock in and out of Jessicah; making her scream his name Rogggggggerrrrrrrrrrr! Oh my God, baby!! Oooooooohhhhhhhh!!! He continued thrusting into her harder and faster...rubbing her pussy raw.

Roger took his cock out and aimed for Jessicah's ass. He rubbed her juices all over her ass as lube before he rammed his hard, throbbing cock in her ass. Jessicah gasped; it was as though all the air escaped her body as his cock plunged into her.

Installment 7

"Did you receive Sheila's fax?"

Roger was with Jessicah again; his cock punishing her ass. She was moaning uncontrollably. She yelped each time he slapped her ass. Jessicah began whimpering and then unleased a primal scream as they erupted together. Roger's hot cum in her ass set Jessicah off. She had an orgasm that could have rattled the windows.

"Roger, did you receive Sheila's fax?" Courtney asked again. Roger was bolted back to reality. "Excuse me, Courtney," he responded. "I was thinking; wanted to make sure I'd covered all the subcontractors Greg asked about." Courtney's focus shifted; it was time Roger needed as his cock was rock hard.

"We're good with that list then?" Courtney asked Greg. "I believe so," Greg responded, then turned to Roger. "We hit them all, didn't we?"

Roger had worked on this project for so long he knew all the details forward and backward. That was especially helpful now. "Yes, Greg," he confirmed. "We're ready to roll next Thursday."

"That's perfect," Courtney noted. "Did you receive Shila's fax?" she asked again. "What fax is that," Roger asked. He had completed missed this part of the conversation while he was lost in thoughts of Jessicah. "The itinerary," she said. "Let me take a look," Roger told her as he logged into his email. Jessica's name jumped off the screen; he took a moment to read the preview of her message:

If I could only freeze this moment in the picture and place us there. We would be cuddled up on a small boat wrapped up in a thick warm blanket. Silence would fall around us except the sound of the moving water. There would be a festival full of music,

Quickly Roger found the email from Randolph Enterprises. "Yes, Courtney," Roger said. "I have everything I need. Is there anything else?" Courtney smiled, "Lunch. Will you be joining us?" Roger was relieved; all he wanted to do was read Jessicah's email. He had lunch plans, he said, and would be tied up with meetings the rest of the afternoon.

Soon Roger would be jacking off and cumming hard.

Dear Roger,

If I could only freeze this moment in the picture and place us there. We would be cuddled up on a small boat wrapped up in a thick warm blanket. Silence would fall around us except the sound of the moving water. There would be a festival full of music, great food and good people along the shore, but we are too far off to hear any of it. I would snuggle up close to you and softly kiss your lips. Our fingers interlocked with one another, our breath foggy in the chilled night air. Our hearts completely satisfied sitting there sharing this with each other. It is a precious moment our hearts will treasure forever. We would share passionate kisses and touch with such desire. I would whisper I want you Roger.... I want you as I have never wanted anyone... I love you so much baby..... Take me baby... I need to be yours..... Our kisses are long and passionate full of fire and desire. Our spirits connected as we make passionate love to one another. Your touches are soft and tender.... You look at me with such desire in your eyes.... Our movements are connected at a slow and steady pace... Our kisses are deep and strong..... Our hands are searching each other.... pulling us closer to one another.... You are penetrating deep in me ... I am pulling you closer can't get close enough to you........My body is longing for more of you.....My lips hungering for your every kiss..... I am lost in the moment with you.....wanting nothing more than to be there with you..... Your hot breath on me, your body moving against me......your lips against mine..... In this one moment in time I would be completely yours and you would be completely mine....

Love, Jessicah

Installment 8

Roger walked into Jessicah's bedroom and saw immediately that she had been shopping.

Jessicah was wearing what was clearly meant to be a gift she bought for him. In front of the mirror, she was dressing.

It was not the black stilettos she was standing in that were new; nor was it the silk black stockings baring her creamy thighs. That black and teal corset was definitely new. And Roger loved it. It excited him to have her bound in the corset; and he knew she always bought something in her favorite color of teal when she was especially in need of his cock.

Roger had entered the room quietly and Jessicah was unaware of his presence.

Jessicah was still dressing and had her back to Roger, she was attaching garters to the stockings. Her bottom was bare and he saw the little matching panties near by. Maybe she forgot about them, he thought. He picked them up and began to walk toward her. He would see how far Jessicah had gone to accessorize when she turned to retrieve the garment.

As Jessicah turned and faced Roger he saw that she had candy pink lips, parted and candy pink nails she used to cover her erect nipples. The corset was top baring and cupless. Her hands did little in the way of covering her full, rounded breasts. Her hands slid down to her hips allowing him to take in the view.

Unable to contain her surprise, Jessicah was beaming at Roger. Her strawberry blonde hair was loosely curled; it set off her light green eyes. Her skin was aglow.

Jessicah began walking towards Roger with a glint in her eyes. He dropped the black and teal panties he has been holding when she teased him.

"If you play with me now," Jessicah said, "we wont need those." There was no need for her to ask. She was already moving in to taste his kiss. She was pressing her hard little nipples against the shirt she was trying to unbutton. If he would help her she would free him from his pants and give her access to the cock she wanted so very much.

Instead, Jessicah chose to let Roger loose and backed up against the wall. She wanted to watch him finish what she started. Her eyes feasted on him while her hands were softly gliding over her hips and other parts of her, back pressed to the wall. She invited him to hurry up with a hungry look in her eyes, hips swaying from side to side.

Waiting and watching him was a tease that made her juicy between the thighs. He kept his eyes on her. He watched where her hands touched; following the slow sway of her hips. He gazed upon her full plump breasts with peaked hard nipples that seemed to be staring straight at him as if to say "Come and get me!"

Jessicah's breathing grew heavier by the second and she was finding it hard to be patient. So when the last article of clothing dropped and he came near her she reached for him. She threw her legs around Roger and he pinned her between him and the wall with his hands on her naked bottom.

In her kiss Roger felt some of Jessicah's tense urgency melt away, but he knew she wouldn't rest until she was fully satisfied.

Roger set out to spoil Jessicah and laid her on the bed. Her breasts beckoned for his attention; he caressed them in both hands. She arched into him when he put his warm mouth on the first nipple. She used her arms to gently embrace his head into her breast. Tiny moans escaped her parted lips; peppered with words of encouragement, 'Yes', 'More' and 'Touch
me here.' He nestled his mouth there while one of his hands explored.

Jessicah didn't want to hurt him so she slipped out of the shoes and brought both legs up high around Roger She gave him the grand invitation to wander over warmer territories. She would have asked him if he wanted to remove the rest of the gift she was wearing, but it was not in the way so she just relaxed and enjoyed his attentiveness.

Roger brought his hand up under Jessicah's naked bottom, then across her smooth hip and found his way between her silky thighs. She was hot now. He knew how wet he made her when he glided his fingers into her snug spot. She liked what he was doing so much it caused the moans to come louder with a little urgency.

One of Jessicah's hands moved down to the spot Roger was dipping into. She held open the tiny pink lips hoping it would inspire more attention there. He kept tapping and brushing past that special spot inside her causing her to breathe out more encouraging words. 'Oh God', ' I love the way you make me feel." He moved his head down between her honeyed thighs to taste and tease. She started rocking her hips into him as he set to work on her clit. She brought her other hand down to help out.

With her candy pink nails Jessicah held her delicate little lips open to Roger.

Jessicah's moans and encouragement never ceased to escape her other lips. Roger looked up past her helping hands, past the black and teal gift and over top her delicious full breasts with their pink hard peaks to see her head thrown back nestled in the loose blonde curls of her hair.

Roger set his fingers to work, brushing past the G spot inside her and out her juicy little pussy. Every time he gave her clit a spin he got a great reaction from her. As he watched her, the climax began. Every time he slid past the G spot it caused another wave she rode out till he tapped the clit and entered again and again. He pulled his eyes away from her face and set his tongue to work on tickling her little clit. Wave after wave hit her. Her moans turned into shouts of ecstasy, "Please, please, please....!"

A stillness came over Jessicah. Her hands relaxed and let go of the honey sweet lips she has been holding for him. Her legs fell to his sides, but she is still moaning, "mmmmm... baaaaabyyyyyy....... mmmmmmmm....." Roger rolled over beside her and watched her run her hands over herself; breasts, hips and thighs. She caressed and held herself arching and twisting, her arms embracing herself as if she had something incredibly delicious inside her. For this moment she is lost in herself. "mmmmm... baaaaabyyyyyyyyy" she purred.

Then Jessicah rolled to Roger with a pleading look in her eyes, "Please, Please..." He didn't know what she was asking for. And then she lit the room up with a fantastic smile, beaming at him again. "Please do that to me again!"

Roger laughed with Jessicah. She was playfully up on her knees over him peppering him with kisses and nibbles, working her way down to his swollen cock. Her bare bottom was facing him now and he could see her dampness glistening there amid her delicate pink folds. He put his hand on her bottom perching his thumb at her entrance. He cupped and massaged his balls in both her little hands. She took his cock deep in her mouth, slowly savoring the long hard kiss, rocking back and forth on her knees at a steady pace.

It encouraged Roger to slip his thumb inside Jessicah with each rocking motion, which incited harder. She liked it when he gave little thrusts into her mouth. It made her think about riding his cock, having it plunged deep into her.

Jessicah wanted it, more than just a little bit. Roger made her so greedy to want his cock inside her. With those thoughts, she crawled down on top of his cock, facing away from him. He watched as his cock disappeared into her. And she was filled with him. With every blissful rocking motion, he watched her pussy swallow him. The rocking got harder, she wanted more, and slammed her saucy little ass down on top of his rock hard cock she loved again and again and again.

Then she reached down between her legs. Jessicah caressed and cupped Roger's balls as she rode him. She moved her hand up to squeeze the base of his wonderful cock as she plunges it in her. When she was content, she hopped off to rest between his legs and to taste him again. She loved to taste herself on him, licking him from the head of his long cock down to the base.

Jessicah gave Roger long hard kisses, savoring him slowly. He excited her when he thrust it in her mouth. It encouraged her morel She likes to feel him inside of her, even filling her mouth. After the intense workout she gave his yummy cock, filling her was exactly what he did.

Roger looked forward to find what Jessicah had in the other bags she had set aside. It was clear that she had a busy day. And he was determined to be sure the shopping was enjoyable for both of them.

Installment 9

Jessicah opens her email. Scrolling through the items in her inbox she comes across one that catches her eye. The subject line reads, You Whet My Appetite. This is the one she has been waiting for.

Anxiously, Jessicah opens the message.

Dearest Jessicah, it reads. I've missed you horribly since we were last together. I hunger for you beyond what words can express.

You were the last thing I thought of before I slept last night. The first thing I thought of when I awoke, it read.

Jessicah's breathing begins to grow heavy.

As she reads the words of Roger not being able to stop from reaching down to touch, that is precisely what Jessicah finds herself doing.

She does, in fact, as he describes his fantasy of her. She places her hand on her chest, so the tip of her middle finger falls just below her throat. She moves it down slowly so the palm of her hand brushes over her breast.

Down farther she goes, slowly, as she reads his words. He writes of moving his hand in the same manner. Of reaching down to find his cock hard for her.

Roger says he loves the thought of her caressing her breasts for him. That is what he thought of, he wrote, as he took the head of his cock and started to stroke it.

Faith spreads her hands wide and envelopes her breasts. She caresses them as she loves it to feel. Reading Roger's words of how he wants to stroke them, how he longs to kiss them again. He loves her breasts, he says. It was glorious to run his tongue around the base on her nipples. To tease the very tip of her nipples with her tongue as they grew hard for him, he writes of their last encounter.

She loves having him focus his attention on her breasts. She is doing just that as she reads his words. All the while growing more wet by the second.

Roger writes of wanting to move up, to look into her eyes as he runs his hand through her hair, while he presses his chest against her engorged breasts. His cock is so hard, he writes, wanting to taste her sweet lips.

As Roger writes of starting to stroke his cock slowly, focusing on the pleasure; wanting her to love the feeling, Jessicah leans her head back. She closes her eyes as she begins to pinch her erect nipples.

Jessicah is lost in the thought of their kiss. She loves knowing how much he wants her. It is glorious knowing how much he loves their time together. She pinches her nipples harder as she begins to say his name.

As she finds her place again Roger is talking about moving down. He would be kissing her neck, he writes. He would spend an eternity kissing her on the lips and kissing her neck. Moving from one side to the other. Running his tongue over her.

This, to Jessicah, is heaven. He knows she loves it and he wants to give her exactly what she wants. That, all the more, makes her want to please him.

I love your breasts, he wrtes. As she reads of his desire to squeeze them together, to kiss and lick them, moving from one to the other, going back and forth, Jessicah pinches her nipples perhaps harder than she ever has done and she moans.

Roger writes of moving farther down. He says he would never stop kissing her as he moves down to her pussy. He is starving for a taste of her, the email reads.

He says he dreams of her touching herself for him. This is something Jessicah could not stop from doing for another second. As David writes of starting to stroke his cock faster for her, as he says he would say her name again and again she begins to run her middle finger from the bottom to the top of her lips.

This is what David wants. He wants her to be slow and deliberate. He is thinking of making love to her, not fucking her. She knows from the time they had spent together how different that is.

Soon Jessicah can no longer deny herself the pleasure of penetration. She inserts her middle finger and finds her sweet spot. David writes that he is jacking off wildly now. He is giving it all he has, but it will never be enough to show how much he wants her, how much he loves her.

Jessicah begins to masturbate furiously... She repeats his name, with increasing intensity, as she fucks her pussy. Two fingers go in and out as she rubs her clit. She is becoming breathless, yet should can not stop saying his name.

She wants him inside of her. Jessicah loves the feelings of her fingers. Yet it is his cock that she wants more than anything. She screams his name as she picks up the pace. She is fucking herself at a maddening pace; thinking of him saying her name again and again as he jacks off.

It is at this moment that the first orgasm sweeps over her...


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