Tuesday, September 08, 2009

In Praise Of The Female Form

One of my favorite scenes in Animal House comes toward the end of the movie, when the Deltas are wrecking the homecoming parade.

A teenage boy is looking at an issue of Playboy when a woman dressed as a Playboy Bunny is thrown from a float and falls through his window. He delivers his line with vigor, "Thank you, God!"

Of course it's not unusual for references to Playboy to pop up in movies and television programs.

Hugh Hefner has appeared on television shows, both alone and with Playmates, dating back to the 1960s including entertainment programs, interview shows and news magazines. He's also been in movies including History of the World: Part I and Beverly Hills Cop II.

I suspect I probably look at Playboy differently than most men, in terms of the centerfolds, because my long-time love, TheSpecialOne, was offered an opportunity to appear as the Playmate of the Month and she turned it down.

A beautiful woman is something to behold, I grant you, but a combination of beauty and brains makes for a package that can't be beat. TheSpecialOne exemplifies that ideal.

I've been a loyal subscriber for years and enthusiastically supported TheSpecialOne when she suggested the possibility of contacting Playboy to pursue an opportunity to be featured as a Playmate of the Month.

No surprise, eh, that I derive great pleasure from photographing her?

I've said before that I'm a lucky man, blessed in any number of ways. The ultimate, you can be assured, is the relationship I have with TheSpecialOne.

It's great fun that TheSpecialOne enjoys bringing a woman into our bed on occasion. She never has a taste for another woman unless we share her, although she doesn't object to my spending some time watching.

TheSpecialOne has an appetite only for delectable creates and we have never had one whom she chose say no.

One of the things I love about TheSpeialOne is that she is adept at presenting herself as a lady in public and playing the role of a whore behind the bedroom door. No woman I've ever known is able to span the spectrum as she does.

Understand, it's not my intention to gloat. I've received numerous emails asking questions about TheSpecialOne, approaching my four-year blogoversary it seems like the Right time to answer some of them.

Speaking of the Right time, yes, I'm heading upstairs to worship at the altar of my goddess. Cheers

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