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Like A Moth To A Flame

Like A Moth To A Flame

Installment 1

Good morning Don,

I was pleased we had the opportunity to chat last night. I find you very interesting and would like the chance to get to know you better. I am very selective about the people I speak to and am more careful about those I give my time to.

My time is very important to me. I'm sure that is true for you as well. I'm a very passionate person, as I told you last night. It takes me some time to open up, but I do eventually. I believe life should be lived to the fullest each and every day. Life is all about risks. Without risks there are no rewards.

I am looking for that special person who wants only me and no one else. I am not sure if that is possible. It maybe just a dream I have, but I'm telling you what I want. Two people that share a strong connection when they talk to one another and they only think of each other. Their desires are so strong that they can feel it in there souls.

Looking forward to talking to you later, Yvette

Installment 2

One year later...

I can't wait until you get home

My Don, My baby, My love I WANT you so bad. I've been masturbaing for you every night.

I take your warm soft hand into mine, kiss it softly... I am taking you away my love for the moment. Clear you mind baby and focus just on us.... Focus on the intense passion we share for one another...

I trace my fingers around your face, looking into your eyes totally focused on YOU DON. I love you Don... Soft kiss.... I desire you love..... Long lingering Kiss.... I WANT YOU BABY.... Deep passionate Kisses..... My arms around you, pulling you closer into me... I love you so much baby..... Sliding your shirt off..... Kissing down your chest....stomach..... You pulling me back up to your lips.....

Your hands raising my shirt off.... bringing your hands back down slowly sliding up and down my sides..... Your lips on my breast... I am hungry for you baby.... Want your hands to rub my breast as your lips kiss them.... You are kissing my nipples, sucking on them, licking them.... I am desiring more of you baby.....

My pussy is wet and throbbing for you baby..... Want you to make love to me again baby..... I am kissing you deep and passionately... mmmmm Can't ever get enough of your kisses baby..... My hands have found your hard cock... stroking it baby.... Feeling your body react with every touch......

I love you DON.... I WANT to Please you Don..... I want to share with you like we have never shared before Baby.... Want your hands to touch me again baby.... Want your lips to kiss me baby..... Ooooooh God, kiss me again.....

Want your hard cock to go deep in me baby..... I miss it so much...... Want you to love it..... You slide your hands down into my panties... You feel my wetness... my heat..... my body desires you baby..... I need you to fuck me again and again....... You rub my clit...feel it swollen..... mmmmm.... I am moaning Don..... I am calling out your name baby....... I want you to devour me baby.....

I am rubbing your cock... up and down circular..... rubbing your sac.... feeling your hardness is turning me on even more baby..... I need you again lover..... Need you to lay me back and make sweet love to me Don..... Want to feel you inside of me again..... Want to feel your breathe on my skin..... You know how much I love it..... Your body so close to mine.... I need you baby...... I love you.... I want you.... Want you to work your hard cock slowly into my tight pussy..... I need to feel you baby.... I need you inside of me.... mmmmm Don... I want you so much lover....

I've cum three times..... I need to go shower..... Need to cum for you again.... Please call and let me know when you will be home.....

I Love you baby

Installment 3

Later, that evening...

My Don, My baby, My love I WANT you so bad. Did you get my message?

I need you Don...... I love you.... Want you to work your hard cock slowly into my tight pussy..... I need to feel you again baby.... I need it so bad..... I need you inside of me.... mmmmm Don... I want you lover....

I want you more than I've ever wanted a man Don.... You lay me over the bed, rubbing your cock on my ass, down around my lips feeling my wetness for you..... You are leaning over me whispering to me.... Telling me How much You need me.... How much you want to please me.... Saying my name..... kissing my neck..... I am moaning for you baby... calling out your name, Don. I am pressing my hips back into your hard cock.... wanting so much for you to be inside of me... I am wanting YOU again DON baby.....

You slide into me slowly... I am moaning and calling out your name Don.... DON..... DON.... oh baby.... Give it to me deep baby..... You push yourself further in... I am feeling every inch of your hard cock... mmmmm Don you KNOW how I LOVE IT... I am pressing my hips into yours working you deep into me...... Your hands are on my hips pulling me into your motion.... It feels so damn good baby when you fuck me....

I reach back and play with my clit as you pound into me.... I am loving YOU DON..... I reach back and pull you down next to me... your hands grabbing my breast.... your hard cock going into me... I am wanting to lay you down and ride you baby....... So I take your hands and guide you up on the bed.... kissing your lips... mmmmm you know how much I love your kisses Don..... I position myself on top..... Your hands caressing my breast..... My back arched while I slide you in... moving my hips down on you.... Moaning Don ooooooh Don..... Moaning for your hard cock..... You are moaning as you feel the warmth slide down on you....

Are you loving it Don? Are you jacking off for me? How can I please you baby? What is going to rock your world baby? What is going to make you have the most enjoyable orgasm? I want to PLEASE YOU Baby...... I want you to love it as much as I do...... I want you to be completely satisfied and then some...... I love you Don...... WANT MORE OF YOU... Need you baby.......

Call me Don.... I want you to CUM FOR ME.... Call me tonight!

Installment 4

Don felt his phone vibrate again.

It was the third time during this interminable meeting; the annual sales meeting that inevitably lasted all day and most of the night. He felt anxious. He knew it was Yvette; that she wanted him. The hunger he had for her was beyond words.

Don felt himself groaning in frustration. He wanted to get out of the meeting and get home to his sweet Yvette. He looked at his watch impatiently. He had to find a way to call her, to listen to her messages. He was sure they would be messages that make his cock hard, his balls swell in anticipation.

During the next break, Don slipped away from the back-slapping, hand-grabbing crowd. He walked quickly down a darkened hall to his office. Pausing to look around, he saw no one. He entered his office swiftly, locked the door behind him and closed the blinds. He quickly dialed into his voice mail as he rocked back in his leather office chair. There was a noticable swelling between his legs. As he listened to Yvette's ever increasingly hot messages, Don unzipped his pants. He released his gorgeous, thick cock and began lightly stroking it.

Yvette's last message had practically sent him into premature ejactulation.

"Don, baby, where are you? I know those damn meetings last so long. But, baby, I need you. Right now. I am starving for you Don. I need your sweet cock! I've just showered again, Don. It was all that masturbating I've been doing. I can't stop thinking of you. I'm hungering for your sweet skills. I want your hands on me, I want you lips all over me. I want your cock, baby. I need it.

Are you hungry for me lover? Have you left room for dessert?? My hair is wet, just the way you like it. My pussy even more so. I'm ready for you to pound it, lover. I've cut up some sweet apples and washed a delicious batch of strawberries. They are sitting here...right next to our bed. Along with my sweet little vibrators. You know...that double pair you bought me? And I have my nipple clamps, just in case. Oh Don, I need you. I need you. Call me, lover. Come to me. I want to make you cum lover. I need you to hear me scream.

"Damn, she is so fucking hot," Don said aloud. He loved how horny she was for him; especially considering how much he wanted her. His heart swelled as much as his cock as he listened to her message. He loved what Yvette did to him, did for him. She was always willing to take their love making one step further; to explore ways that would take her incredible sensuality higher and farther with him. He looked at his watch. Damn, damn, damn; he only had five minutes before the next round of meetings began. "Fuck it," he said to himself. His cock was rock hard, solid. He wanted, needed hungered for his delicious Yvette. Don hit speed dial and leaned back, ready for all she had to give.

"Hello?" Yvette answered. "" He paused for just another second. "Yes, sweetheart, it's me. I couldn't stand another minute without you, Yvette. I just listened to your messages. Baby, you are so fucking hot! I'm sitting here in the dark, in my locked office instead of at the meeting I should be attending." He could hear her breathing growing heavy. "I couldn't stand it. I want you so bad, Yvette. I want to make you cum lov. I need to hear you scream my name." He then became insistent with Yvette. "Make me cum, lover!" he demanded.

"Oh yes, Don. Yes, baby!" Yvette moaned. "I've been waiting all day for you lover. I've been rocking my sweet pussy with my fingers, Don; thinking of you stroking me with your sweet cock" The hunger in her voice was unmistakable. "I've was stroking it softly at first, baby, thinking of you staring into my eyes. Locking my hands with yours above my head, looking into my eyes as I kiss you deeply. Baby, mmmmmmmmm baby, sucking sweetly on your lips, fucking your mouth with my soft tongue just as you slip you cock inch by delicious inch into my wet, wanting pussy."

Don groaned as he began stroking his cock. "Oooooooh baaaabyyyyy." He was working it from root to tip, circling it with his fingers. "Yvette, baby, are you ready to feed me? I need you to feed me tonight, baby."

There was nothing more she wanted. "Yes baby," Yvette purred into the phone. Her pussy was contracting at the pleasure his words were bringing her. She was more than ready. "Tell me lover, what is it that you hunger for tonight?"

The last telephone message still very much on his mind, Don asked, "Yvette, have you eaten?" He could hear her smile. "No baby; I've also been waiting...for you to feed me."

Without skipping a beat, Don asked, "Would you like a strawberry, baby?" She moaned, "Yes, baby; I've love one." He directed her to, "Take the strawberry...and rub it lightly around your nipples." Don loved hearing Yvette as she did as she was told. Rub your tits with it baby," he told her. "Rub it all over your tits."

Yvette, moaning, never hesitated to follow direction. Don's loving, yet dominating, tone turned her on incredibly. She loved it when he took the dominant position with her; telling her what to do and how to do it. He taught her to hold out on her climax until he gave her permission. "Oh, baby," she moaned into the phone. "Please, Don. Please. Give me more baby. I need more."

He continued to direct her. "Take another strawberry, Yvette. Start at the base of your throat and run down your body. Squeeze it just enough so you feel its juices squirt." She was breathing heavily. "Don, it feels so good," she told him. "Go lower Yvette, lower," he said. She was panting now, her moans increasing. "Yes, baby. I love this. But I need to touch baby. Please, let me touch, Don. Please baby, let me touch. Please!" she said.

"Now, Yvette," Don responded. "Now, take the strawberry...and lightly run it over your pussy lips, baby. Ever so lightly, baby" She gasped, "Oh, this feels so good. I need to rub my clit baby." He quickly interjected, "No, Yvette. Don't rub your clit yet." She responded, "Please, baby." But he had other ideas, wanting to maximize the pleasure for them. "Slide the strawberry into your pussy, Yvette," he told her. She was moaning wildly as she squeezed the fruit in. "Farther baby, he told her. "Push it deeper in for me." Yvette began crying her moans into the phone; her panting picking up in volume and rhythm. Don's cock was rock hard now. He didn't even have to stroke it, Yvette's moans, the picture he had of her in his mind were driving him wild. He saw her squeezing the sweet juice of the berry all over her incredible body; remembering how she responded when he did that exact thing to her. He focused on how she sounded as she pushed it up into her sweet, sweet pussy. It was he now who had to hold himself back from ejaculating; waiting, wanting more from her. And to give more pleasure to her.

Yvette was moaning, crying into the phone. "Don, baby,'s inside me. Way up inside of me." His response was, "Take your fingers Yvette; take your fingers and fuck your sweet pussy, baby." She did exactly that, slamming her fingers into her hot fucking pussy. She pounded up against the strawberry wedged high inside of her. "Smash the strawberry inside your pussy, baby," Don whispered his growl." Adding, after a moment, "Do Yvette did, groaning his name loud as she felt its sweet juices spill down onto her hand.

As Yvette was moaning, saying his name, Don directed her to "Slide a vibrator in your ass." He "encouraged her". "Slide it up your tight, tight ass, Yvette." She said his name, moaning. "Slide it in your ass, Yvette, now," he commanded her. "Oh, Goddddddddddddd!" she cried as the vibrator slipped slowly into her ass. As she moaned, Don directed her, "Deepr, Yevette. Use your fingers, slide it in deeper. Deepr. Push it in, Yvette. Push it in."

"Yes, Oh my Godddddddd. Yessssss," she sobbed into the phone, immersed in the passion of it all. Feeling the vibrator so high up in her ass, its movements began rocking her clit as well; Yvette was in heaven. Her pussy was beginning to cream. She couldn't help it; the pleasure was incredibly intense for her.

"Yvette," Don pushed her, sensing her state, "Fuck your ass now. With two fingers, baby. Fuck it! Fuck it!! Fuck it!!!"

Yvette screamed as her fingers entered her tight ass below the vibrator. She was bouncing on her fingers, riding them like she rode Don's cock. She went up and down, up and down, up an down quickly, fucking her tight ass that she knew Don thought was beautiful. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck!!!," she cried out. "Don! Baby, please... please... pleeeeease... Allow me to touch my clit. Baby, I need to cummm for youuuu."

He responded, demanding, "Fuck it. Fuck it, Yvette. Fuck your ass, lover. I need to hear you!!" He was stroking his cock now, in hard, long strokes, picturing himself punching her tight ass with his hard cock. He imagined feeling the vibrator at the tip of his cock when he hit it in her ass. He knew Yvette's pussy was going to make him cum soon. "Yvette, the strawberry. Take it out baby. Eat for me. Eat it, now!" he directed.

Yvette screamed even louder. "Ooooooooooh, Godddddddd, Donnnnnn! I'm begging you baby. Pleeeeeassssss." she panted into the phone. "Do it!" he commanded. "Now!" Yvette pushed the strawberry out into her hand with her pussy contracting. Then she slowly licked it, tasting the sweet honey of her cream before eating it loudly into the phone. She wanted to be sure that Don could hear her, that he would hear her pleasure as the vibrator continued rotating in her ass.

Don listened intently to Yvette's moans, exulted in her sweet smacking as she groaned, eating the strawberry, loved hearing her words telling him how sweet it was. Goddddddddd, didn't he know? More than anything, he wanted to be there to fish it out with his own tongue, to eat her as though his life depended on it. "Ooooooh baaaabyyyyyyyy," he said. "Make me cum, baby. I love you."

It was those words that set Yvette off. "Ooooooh baaaabyyyyyyy! Yes!!!," said Yvette as she hit her clit. She was masturbating furiously. She stroked her clit, then went down, plunging her fingers into her pussy to the knuckle, then back out and up over her clit. Over and over she repeated the pattern. Her breathing grew more rapid. She was crying out to him, "Don, baby, my love... Oh, God, Don... Baby, I.... Oh God... Oh baby, Please... Help meeeee, push me overrrrr, baby, pleeeeassssse..." It was at that point, Yvette began to erupt, "Now, Don! aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!"

Don groaned, feeling his cum rising up from his swollen balls, his climax rising fast. "Lover, I'm pounding your Yvette! I'm fucking you baby!! Fuck you!! Fuck!! My lover, I'm fuckkkkkking youuuuuuu!!! Cummmm, Yvvvvvetttttte! Cummmmm for meeeeeee!!!"

Yvette flew off the edge screaming out, "Donnnnnnnnnn! Baaaaabyyyyyyyyy!!! I lovvvvvvve youuuuuuuuuuu!!" as she creamed all over her fingers, her hands. She was moaning wildly at the intense pleasure she was experiencing; holding onto it as long as she could. She focused on the intensity of the orgasm, stretching it out longer. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, "Oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I'm stillllllllllll cummmmmminnnnnnggggggggggggggg!!!!"

Don groaned loudly as his load shot all over the desk in front of him. The more orgasms Yvette had, the more Don loved it. He absolutely fucking loved it as he listened to her peak for him again.

"Oh baby!" he shouted. "I love you!!" his pleasure as intense as hers. They were moaning together, lost in their orgasms. Both murmuring their love, their sweet names for one another as their orgasms slowly drifted. Their breathing calmed.

"I love to fuck you baby," Don said to Yvette. "I'm on my way home. I can't stand being away from you for another minute." Yvette smiled. "I'll be ready for you, baby," she said. "It's going to be a long night, for both of us. How will we get through it?" Don could hear the smile Yvette had. "I'm not sure if we can, baby" he said. "Hurry home, Don," she said. "Please baby, hurry. Hurry," she whispered in that ever so lustful, fuck me voice."

Honestly, Yvette didn't know if she could wait for him. She thought that she might need another quickie somewhere along the road. Don, meanwhile, was starved to be inside of her.


Thanks to my collaborators Sweet and Sassy, Horny Housewife, A Wild Irish Rose and Mistress Regina. If you're interested in adding an installment to the story email it to me.

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