Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Joanna Krupa Falls Short of Dancing With The Stars Final

It's season 9 of Dancing With The Stars and, for the first time, I picked a winner as they came out of the gate in Week 1... Joanna Krupa.

It's not been usual to see Joanna at or near the top of the leader board, week in and week out, over the past two months.

It didn't come as any surprise that Joanna received high scores from the judges this week, as she is able to convey the feeling of raw sex on the dance floor.

Ah, yes, Joanna Krupa is...scorching hot.

As it turned out, though, the vote of the fans knocked Joanna out of the finals.

Rather unfortunate, I'd say, but it doesn't detract from her status as one of the sexiest women to appear in nine seasons of Dancing with The Stars.

I'll be sure to run another post, featuring some of my favorite dances Joanna Krupa performed this season. Needless to say, watching the videos, to select which performances to include isn't difficult work. Ho Ho

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Unknown said...

i hope i don't make too many people mad-(lol)-but i think that most of the voting tv american public are not to bright--they seem to think as one and are influenced by each other and not individual thinking--most of the time the things they vote against are usually the best of all--i think you are right this time mr. kilroy and to hell with the public thinks!!