Friday, November 20, 2009

Making A Human Connection In Social Media

Does that avatar look familiar?

Yes, that's right, it's my new Facebook page.

I consult with clients on social media issues as a matter of course. Our work ranges from developing and implementing a comprehensive social media strategy to putting pages online and extends to ghost posting of tweets and updates.

What I haven't done is put a personal page on either Facebook or Twitter. Given that, I couldn't create a fan page for The Gonzo Papers.

Instead I created a page as a blogger. Of course, Facebook wouldn't accept any derivation of Kilroy_60. No, you'll find me on Facebook as, Kil Roy. Ho Ho.

These are my first 123 Facebook friends...

It won't come as news, nor as a surprise, to anyone I've known as a blogger over the past four years that I set up this page on Facebook {as well as a Twitter page} to extend the reach of The Gonzo Papers.

Meeting new people through social media is fun, I'll grant you, but there's no good reason to devote time to it lacking a Human Connection.

If we are friends on Facebook and/or mutual followers on Twitter let's make a point of connecting. I'm as happy to give bloggers a boost who have content they want to get out as I am to get a bump.

Friend/Mutual Subscriber on StumbleUpon? Join me on Shoutwire.


Marion said...

Doing good, Kilroy! I'm glad you used the same avatar, I've always liked it!

Chris Stonecipher said...

Excellent work my friend. I think i see my pic in your facebook friends' photo. LOL!

Global Patriot said...

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