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My Thoughts Exactly

My Thoughts Exactly

Installment 1

A woman sits alone in a classy, but edgy bar. All eyes have been on her since she arrived an hour before. She is statuesque; a mane of red curls flow over her shoulders. She is dressed to kill in a silk blouse accented by pearls, a short skirt, nylons and black FUCK ME heels.

One man after another has sent her drinks, but she has turned each and every one away. Sitting, drinking cranberry juice, she taps her freshly manicured nails on the bar. Waiting.

There will be a man arriving. She knows this is where he comes once he finishes working on Friday nights. Her friend has dated him before, but things did not work out for them. Her friend claimed that he was overly dominant, controlling. She feels her friend is weak. It is a man with a strong spirit that she wants; it is what she needs. She is frequently approached, but men are intimidated be her. If they are able to capture attention at all, they have no ability to maintain her interest.

As she sees him enter, the woman sits without moving. He walks confidently, self assured, wearing a blue oxford shirt and black khakis. Hoping to catch his eye, she slides off the stool…and glides toward him. She gently bumps into him and whispers, “You are going to fuck me.” She walks toward the hallway where the restrooms are located. Without looking, she knows he is watching her.

As she returns, he is seated with his back toward her. She walks up behind him, put her hands on his broad shoulders, leans in and says, “Please join me on the other side of the bar.” He turns slowly, looks into his eyes, and says, “I am meeting someone here tonight.” She responds, “Call and tell her your plans have changed. You don’t need to meet anyone else.” She walks around the bar and returns to her seat. Their eyes meet.

Installment 2

Suzanne and Greg locked eyes upon one another. He watched her full lips intently as they formed the words, "Call her."

Suzanne then looked away. She sat for a few minutes studying the other people sitting around the bar. While she purposefully did not look at Greg she knew every move he made. Suzanne knew he was looking at her; she felt his eyes on the nape of her neck.

When the barstool scraped across the floor she had no doubt in her mind that it was him. She heard him ask, speaking barely above a whisper, where he would find the payphone. The bartender directed him to the back of the bar. As Greg made his way to the telephone he was in full view.

Suzanne watched as Greg made the call. She could read his lips slightly; he was saying that he had a change in plans. He would not be available tonight. As he hung up the phone, Greg turned and looked into Suzann's eyes. She watched as he returned to his seat at the bar.

Suzanne sat for anoter minute and finished her drink. She got up and walked around the bar, slowly as he watched. She came behind him, put her hands on his shoulders and leaned in. "Pay for our drinks," she said. "Meet me outside in five minutes," she continued. "My car is parked directly across the parking lot from the entrance. It's the red BMW. We're going to a hotel for the night."

With that, Suzanne turned and walked out the door.

Installment 3

Seven minutes went by before Suzanne reached into her purse to retrieve business cards. She began to write a note on the back of one. Just as she was finishing, Greg knocked on her window.

Suzanne put down the window. "You're late," she said. "Were you waiting," Greg asked. "No," she said, "I was about to get on my way." With that, she handed him the card. Greg studied the note for several seconds before turning it over.

"Suzanne," he said, "Please get out of the car." He stepped back and Suzanne opened the door. She slowly slid her legs out of the car then reached out her hand. Greg took Suzanne's hand and held it as she got out of the car.

"Come with me, Suzanne," he said as he turned and began to walk away. "I am not a dog," she said. "Nor do I follow orders." Greg stopped, turned and returned to Suzanne. "The Montclaire is going to be fine." he told her. "This is how it's going to work. I will follow you to your house. We will take my car to the hotel. I'm driving the silver Jaguar." He took out his wallet and handed her one of his business cards. "Those arrangements are acceptable, Greg" Suzanne responded.

Greg turned and again began to walk away. As Suzanne opened her car door he stopped and turned back to her. "Call and get us a suite, Suzanne" he said. "Reserve it for the weekend." A devilish smile came to Suzanne's lips. "I had already planned to do just that, Greg" she said.

Installment 4

Suzanne smiled sweetly and flirted with the man handling the booking of the hotel suite. It was not the first time she'd had a man's cock get hard during a telephone conversation; all the signs were there. He was so pleased to arrange for her to have the Presidential Suite that weekend.

Suzanne slid out of her car as he arranged the last of the available perks he could find. She walked across the parking lot where Greg was waiting impatiently in his Jag. He put down his window; "Is there a problem?" Suzanne smiled like the cat that ate the canary. "Yes, that will be perfect," she said. Suzanne handed the phone to Greg saying, "He needs your card number."

Greg snapped the phone shut after taking care of the room. He handed it back to Suzanne saying, "The Presidential Suite?" The smile left Suzanne's face. She took a firm stance. "Do we have a problem here, Greg?" Her response to his silence was, "Let me tell you how it's going to go. When we arrive at the hotel you will be taking me to dinner at Forte. We will have a table that overlooks the city. I prefer white roses and vanilla spice candles in each room of the suite. You will be sure that I am most comfortable. Will you, not, Greg?"

With that, Suzanne turned and began walking toward her car. She walked slowly, being very aware of her body movements. She began to count 1..... 2.....3..... 4..... 5....."Suzanne," she heard Greg call out. She continued walking. 1..... 2..... 3..... "Suzanne," he repeated; this time more forcefully. She turned. "You will be most comfortable," he said. Suzanne waited a few seconds longer than she felt would be comfortable for Greg before responding."Call her back. She is going to need to know you will not be available the rest of the weekend," she told him.

As she got back into her car, Suzanne slid the phone back into her purse with a satisfied smile. She started her car and drove off quickly. She was testing Greg. Her lips curved into another smile as he kept pace with her.

Her mind wandered while she drove. She was hoping that he'd be just as aggressive in the bed as out of it. She was looking forward to it. Her pussy was heating up and starting to get damp as images of their tangled bodies and sex slicked skin flashed through her mind.

Greg swerved in and out of traffic to keep up with Suzanne. Oh, that little spitfire. Was she trying to lose him or test him. Either way, she wasn't getting away. He wanted his hands on that hot body of hers. He was going to have his rock hard cock buried in every luscious hole in her body. He thought of her sucking him, of fucking the face he looked upon as beautiful. He imagined punishing her pussy until she was too sore to touch let along fuck. If he could talk her into it, he wanted to shove his cock into her ass so hard she'd scream his name.

Installment 5

Greg's headlights illuminated the garage as he pulled into the driveway. Suzanne was leaning against the center car, a red, '57 Chevy. As he pulled up and turned off the engine she slowly walked toward him, prowling like a cat approaching her unsuspecting prey.

"I will need a few minutes to get my things together," she said. "Call the hotel. I want everything to be ready when we arrive." Greg responded, with a devilish grin, "We have a table reserved. Things will be as you have requested in the room. You will get...exactly what you said you want this weekend, Suzanne."

Suzanne's response was short and to the point, "I would not expect any less." With that, she turned and began to walk to the garage. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7... "Suzanne," she heard Greg say. "Perfect," she said to herself. She turned to face him, but did not say a word. "I'd like to come in with you."

They were in the house less than a minute before Suzanne was running her hands up Greg's shirt to feel his chest. A moment later they were in each others' arms. She leaned in to to kiss him. It was a long, hard kiss. The spark was instantaneous and intense. Passion burned hot between them.

She leaned into him and whispered in his ear. "You want to fuck me, Greg." He didn't respond. She reached down and quickly found his hard cock. "You want to fuck me, Greg", she said, taking him in her hand. "Say it, you fucker." Greg was breathing heavy now. "I want to fuck you," he said, pushing her hand away and pulling her against him. He began to rub his hardon against her. "You want fucked, Suzanne," he responded. "You want me to fuck you."

"I told you, Greg," Suzanne said sternly. "You are going to fuck me." He reached down to her thighs, then slowly slid his hands up her skirt. He continued, running his hands over the curve of her ass. He stopped to hold it, to rub it, to squeeze it.

Susanne had her hands wrapped around Greg's waist; she pulling him in close to her. Greg was growing by the second. Suzanne could feel it wanting to come out for her. She reached down and unzipped his pants, freeing his bulging cock. She took ahold and begin to stroke it, nice and slow. She moved her hand up and down, making him harder and harder until his cock was standing straight up. It felt so good in her hand.

Suzanne's friend had talked about Greg's cock so often. She had long hungered for this opportunity; now it was all she hoped for. She loved the way it felt; so hot. While she stoked it up and down with one hand she reached down with the other. She began caressing his balls, fondling them and massaging them. Greg's body began to shudder with excitement. His head fell backwards. She leaned in and kissed his neck, licked it and sucked on it while still stroking his cock...going faster and faster now.

Greg's hand moved up to Suzanne's blouse. He began to unbutton it, slowly one button at a time. He began to expose her breasts. She was waiting to have him hold them. He unclaspped her bra and pulled it off. Greg began squeezing Suzanne's breasts, .massaging them. Her nipples were growing hard for him. He began to pinch them, applying just the right amount of pressure. It felt so good to Suzanne; the pain of the pinch felt incredible.

Greg pulled Suzanne into him and began kissing her breasts. He licked them, circled his tongue around her nipples and began to suck them. Then he gently begin to bite on one, taking it gently between his teeth. Oh God, it felt incredible to Suzanne.

He pulled her skirt up to find she was wearing no panties. He forcecully pulled her hips forward and guided her to his steely hard cock. She slid down on it; feeling it move all the way up her pussy...loving every inch as it filled her. She placed her hands on his shoulders and began to move up and down....pushing and pullling on his cock. Each time she came down on it he thrust hard into her. Suzanne's pussy was drenched; she felt as though she had a white hot poker inside of her.

Suzanne exulted in the moment,"Oh God! Yes, Greg, yes!" He was fucking her hard; yet it did not near what Suzanne craved. "I love cock! I love it! I I fucking love it!" Suzanne moaned. Fuck me, Greg!" she roared. "Show me what a man you are!!" Her hips were now grinding on his cock, pushing it so fucking hard into her. "You fucker! You mother fucker!!" Suzanne shouted definately. "Show me what a fucking man you are! You mother fucker!!"

Suzanne spurred Greg on; it was exactly as she wanted. He trhust hard, gunting...thrusted fast, so very fast, he went deeper and deeper. All the while, Suzanne moaned and screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck me!! Jesus Fucking Christ!! I need cock!! I love fucking cock!!!"

Greg was flailing away; this was going to be a fuck Suzanne would never forget. "Cum for me," Suzanne started to scream. "Cum for me, you fucker! Cum for me! I want you..." she was moaning. "I want you to shoot your hot fucking load inside of me!" There was, at this point, nothing Greg wanted more. He was raving Suzanne which only caused her to want more. "Cum inside me, Gret!" she screamed. "I love it! I love it! I love it! Cum the fuck inside me you fucker!!!"

Greg began moaning wildly; he thrust into Suzanne with reckless abandon. She was pulling him into her. She wanted his cock, she wanted him to fuck her as she'd never wanted a man before. "Harder, Greg!" she screamed. "Fuck me harder! Faster!! I need you deep, Greg!! Go fucking deep!!!" She repeatedly was grinding into him, hard and fast, working his cock inside of her.

He grabed onto her breasts again and squeezed. She had him fucking her pussy hard, so God damned hard. It felt .so good to Suzanne."Yes! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Fucking yes!!!" Suzanne moaned. "Be a man, Greg! Me a fucking man. Show me! Show me what you can do with that fucking cock!! You fucker!! You fucker!! You God damned fucker!! Give it to me!!!"

Greg's cock was slashing the walls of Suzanne's pussy She loved it. He began to scream,"Suzanne, you bitch! Take it! Take it!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Take it you fucking bitch!!! They are fucking like animals now, it is absolute savagery. Suzanne fucked Greg like she had never fucked before. They were going at it with incredible fast. Each time Suzanne came down on his cock she felt it hit the spot. They were screaming and moaning; it became unintelligible

Then, together, they came to a climax of incredible intensity. He was moaning and she exulting in a primal scream that seemed to go on forever. Their bodies shuddered together. They were breathing heavily. Suzanne kissed Greg passionately, their bodies connected,their desires, momentarily, fulfilled. Yet, both wanted more; they were ravenous.


Thanks to my collaborators A Texas Rose, A Rare Gem, Montgomery and Mistress Regina. If you're interested in adding an installment to the story email it to me.

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