Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kilroy_60's Smokin' Hot 100 {Part 4}

Kilroy_60's Smokin' Hot 100?

If this is the first time you're checking out Kilroy_60's Smokin' Hot 100 be sure to click through to Part 1 to learn about the list.

Well, there's that and I expect that you won't want to miss seeing Danica Patrick, Kate Beckinsale, Bar Refaeli, Sofia Vergara and Padma Lakshmi.

Nicole Kidman, Tricia Helfer, Eva Mendes, Victoria Silvstedt and Lisa Dergan came next, in Part 2 of the Smokin' Hot 100 list; followed Giada Delaurentis, Christina Aguilera, Diane Lane, Charlize Theron and Jillian Beyor in Park 3.

Of course, if you've already looked at some or all of those earlier parts of Kilroy_60's Smokin' Hot 100 you may want to go back for another look before scrolling down, as I just did. Uh huh.

With the release of Part 4 this morning, 20% of Kilroy_60's Smokin' Hot 100 is now available for viewing. I'm rather happy with the list thus far, of course I still expect there are guys, and girls, saying: Why did he include her? as well as Where is she? and that's what makes looking forward to Part 5 all the more fun.

Kilroy_60's Smokin' Hot 100, part 4...

Denise Richards

Kate Hudson

Halle Berry

Carrie Underwood

Penelope Cruz

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm, finally checked out your Smokin Hot List, all four of them, was curious what it was. I have to admit coming from a woman's point of view, I can see why you would find almost all of them "HOT". There were maybe one or two I can see being attractive. But, I'm also a woman. Most of them I agree are "HOT".

I always like looking at things from anothers perspective and seeing what they find attractive.