Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pay Per Post Posting

If I continue blogging at the rate I have since my one-year blogiversary I'll post as many times in four months as I did the entire first year.

I have an associate writing an article about doing business in the blogosphere. He brought a website to my attention, Pay Per Post. Yes, it's true. You can make money blogging. I'm making money right now, in fact, earning $10 telling you about this program.

Writing these posts will work well for me since the wide range of subjects available will fit seamlessly in the ebb and flow of The Gonzo Papers. There are opportunities, paying $4 to $20 per post, that involve reviewing blogs and websites; you can discuss products and services; various aspects of your life can be written about as part of the program.

A problem I had the first year were instances of Bloggus Interruptus. Pay Per Post will help alleviate that problem. There's a guideline related to the number of days that can pass by without posting. Given the opportunity to earn money blogging provides an incentive in itself.

Recently I wrote of needing service from The Geek Squad. What it made me realize is I need to get a computer that I can dedicate to blogging. To upgrade my "photo gallery" I'd like to get a better camera. I'm happy, at least now and then, with my sky shots; I think it would be great to have a telescope! What better way to earn money for blogging than through blogging?

Should you go on to sign up for Pay Per Post, I'd appreciate you providing my email. Referrals earn me $5.

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