Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tagged Again!

Recently, I wrote a blog comment that I thought was worth jotting down for future reference:
"I find the more I deprive myself of the pleasures of life, life is less pleasurable." - Kilroy_60

I was tagged by Sheila at Alabama Kitchen Sink; she asked that I list five things you may not know about me...
  • I prefer to use landmarks when I write directions. I always make it where I'm going and if I get lost along the way I don't have a problem with it.
  • When I travel I make a point of eating "local" food. I asked a person in San Antonio what he would recommend; he said he and his wife really like The Olive Garden. {We didn't go there}
  • I bounce a tennis ball with my left hand to increase strength and dexterity. When you're out for a walk, it can be good to have something to throw to distract dogs.
  • I'm interested in license plates. I preferred it when each state had only one plate.
  • I'm not enthusiastic about driving on weekends where they maintain an official deathtoll. I fell asleep once, ran headon into a metal utility pole, demolished my car and fractured my ankle.
Photograph by Kilroy_60


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it alive out of the crash. I'm with you on the license plate thing. If you were to have to identify one, how the devil could you know the state? In Alabama we have at least 500 varieties. Nearly every university or college has their own, as do the pro-lifers, educators, arts, environmentalists, ham radio operators, ministers, veterans, National Guard, etc. I quit trying to come up with a final tally.

Anonymous said... last comment was swallowed, so here I go again!

I really like the idea of taking a ball on walks. I have never thought of doing that and I own two dogs! They will always chase a ball, no matter how involved they are in battling whatever!

I would love to exchange links...and yes, I really do read those ratings, lol. Just a little late!

I intend to add a few links to my soon as Graham has time. Disaster will strike if I try to do it myself, lol!