Sunday, January 14, 2007

Vertical Search And Topic-Specific Websites

This is, I believe, the first Pay Per Post ad that I've had to write in bits and pieces; doing research on the subject as I write it.

The company sponsoring this post is Vortaloptics. Their services are especially interesting to me both in that I'm interested in gaining more success from search and that I have clients who share in that goal.

The first thing you notice visiting the Vortaloptics website is that they do not offer services, to which I just referred, they provide solutions. We'll talk about that in a business consulting post some other time.

Referring back to the title of this post, "topic-specific" is easily understandable; "vertical search", though, is something that might be best defined before moving on.

Vertical Search is part of a larger subgrouping known as “specialized” search. It's a relatively new tier in the Internet search industry made up of search engines hat focus on specific businesses. Most significant is the growth in how many of these search engines have being introduced in recent years.

Vortaloptics refers to these as "destination sites" and characterizes them as "where people spend most of their time online". What I like about this website is that the company provides the technical information that you need to know; presenting it in an easily understandable manner.

I love this line from the Vertical Search Solution page, although it is referred to as a product, "We help you connect the dots between search intent and customer engagement."

Vortaloptics offers a primer on "why site search is essential to your business’ online success" as well as the ability to Schedule a web demo with one of their search specialists.

I would have no problem referring this company to anyone with whom I am collaborating on a consulting project, will enthusiastically encourage For Your Success to seek a link exchange, plan to refer this company to my clients and will be checking out their solutions for my own needs.

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