Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Once Was Old Is New Again

The Writer's Nook, Photograph by Kilroy_60
I miss everyone that I have ever known in the world
Some more than others that is true
I miss them, as they make their way through the world
The way that I'll miss you and you and you

- John Gorka
I Miss Everyone

I hit a bar with The Master Baiter this morning just after opening; we started off with a breakfast of hard boiled eggs and Heineken. By the time lunch came around we'd blown through about a quarter ounce of BC Bud; and moved on to drinking carbombs.

Somewhere along the line we got to talking about blogging; he has some patients doing it as a sort of group therapy. Something that came up is how I lost my original blogspot in a blasted Blogger Archive Hell.

When that happened, I painstakingly moved the posts from the original site to this one. I went as far as to set the dates and times to match when the posts were originally published. What never got done was dealing with the comments that were left behind.

Simply discarding those comments to never be seen again felt wrong to me. Unfortunately, due to the failings of the old {pre-Google} Blogger, I'm only able to access the posts appearing on the front page. How or when that happened, I don't recall.

In any case, I wanted to share some of the spirit of that original site. I think these selected comments do the job reasonably well...

{The post titles are in red - you can read the "recovered" posts here, without the original comments}

honkeie2 commented, "That is an aweinspiring writers nook and so well organized too. If my mind just 'looked' that well put toghether I might stop being such an under-achiever and become something other than another wasted generationX grab ass. I cannt wait for the up coming post ;-)" on Blog Log August 14th thru 21st {read the post}

GrizzBabe commented, "Well, I guess I'll make mention of it too: that nook is crazy neat. Put's mine to shame. Mine is less of a writer's nook and more of a place to stash crap I'm too lazy to put in the proper place." on Blog Log August 14th thru 21st {read the post}

John Ettorree commented, "I'm loving the looks of that cozy nook, too. Just glad to learn it doesn't always look that clean and organized. You'll give writers a bad name with that level of cleanliness. I also like this Scott Adams quote but downright love the Twain quote just below. I recently finished reading a new bio of Twain, and the 19th century guy somehow remains just as fresh and full of insights for our time as anyone now writing. Some things are just timeless." on Blog Log August 14th thru 21st {read the post}

srchngformystry commented, "hello, kilroy. thanks for stopping by my blog.

i love the writers nook. from the look of the board, you are one busy guy." on Blog Log August 14th thru 21st {read the post}

honkeie2 commented, "'I believe strongly that I would rather have someone ask for forgiveness than ask for permission'

I think I will use this in my motto as well. And I love Mark Twain little saying, he is one the the greats I would have loved to have met." on A Philosophy Of Success {read the post}

Dirty Butter commented, "Much of what you have written here would apply to any patient/health care professional relationship, not just mental illness. I'm a firm believer in the patient being in just as much control of his own care as possible. I ask questions and expect the doctor to explain things to my satisfaction. If he doesn't know the answer, I can understand that, but I expect him to tell me he doesn't know, not try to bluff about it. I've learned to seek second opinions and have even fired one doctor who wouldn't take the time to include me in the process.

I started keeping a daily journal, sometimes minute by minute, of my mother's and my father-in-law's Alzheimer's conditions, as I was their caregiver. Those journals turned out to be the best thing I could have done for both of them. Everything was documented, so that changes in behavior could be tracked, effects of medicine changes noted, etc., with a precision that memory simply could not provide. I highly recommend this habit to anyone with a long standing or chronic illness.

I voted for you today on BLOG VILLAGE!" on Things I Think I Learned...From YouDoItOurWay {read the post}

jbwritergirl commented, "Your info here is great. Empowering yourself with knowledge is the first benefit of recovery.

I've been offered free therapy several times due to my wild imagination and lack of control when it comes to humor.

My first impression tactic usually sends the therapist running off to their therapist so I expect that I will always remain untreated and slightly wack!

Jacqui" on Things I Think I Learned...From YouDoItOurWay {read the post}

Dirty Butter commented, "Logically stated and eloquently written! My only problem with it is on an emotional level, not a logical level, as it means more American troops in harm's way in the short term. It's really the delimma that Truman faced with the A bomb. More death now all at once, balanced against even greater death later over a longer period of time, if nothing is done now." on {Toilet} Paper Tiger and George W{imp} Bush MIA {read the post}

GrizzBabe commented, "Getting rid of Hezbollah might end this war but the war/hate between Muslims and Israelis has been around a long time. It is the reason that the terrorists exist in the first place. The end of this war will only clear the way for another one to pop up. The answer, the real answer -- having all Muslims and Jews living at peace with each other -- is not so simple or clear cut." on {Toilet} Paper Tiger and George W{imp} Bush MIA {read the post}

GrizzBabe commented, "Somehow, I had you pegged as the kind of guy who would like Ansel Adams. I have no idea what that means, liking Adams, but I'm totally not surprised.

As far as typos go, I can tolerate them in other people's writing but I hate to see something I've written containing typos. Drives me crazy.

Very interesting list." on All *Blog* Stars Introduction {read the post}

jbwritergirl commented, "I always thought of you this way for some reason, don't know why. Perhaps it's because I find your words written---gently---if you can understand what that means.

I am more the tennis type, which helps me vent through bashing the hell out of the ball rather than taking things out on my editors.

Jacqui" on All *Blog* Stars Introduction {read the post}

honkeie2 commented, "I love pencil and paper. I have kept a journal since I was 19 and being 30 I truely wish I had started earlier.
I have tried this listing things about me but I always fall short of what I wanted to say. Maybe I will try it again. Thanks for the boost.
I have a shadow box for all my shot galsses but sadly it is in storage. One lone shot glass lines my table now for any visiting bottle." on All *Blog* Stars Introduction {read the post}

Pud commented, "I agree with you whole heartedly about the Pittsburgh Steelers. Only you have to go to Pittsburgh to really get an understanding of it.

As one who has recently taken up golfing, it DOES replicate life." on YouDoItOurWay Behavioral Healthcare {read the post}

GrizzBabe commented, "Okay, already I can tell by the character names that I am going to love hearing your WeBeGreat stories." on Misadventures, Blunders And Psychopathy {read the post}

jbwritergirl commented, "Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about it. Ever think of using a ghost writer?

I feel your pain though, sometimes it just gets to be too much trying to be witty and then switch gears for 14 hours a day reporting real truth, taking care of two kids, a big house, a screwed up dog and a lazy fish.

I suppose that's why I've learned to function on 4 hours of sleep every day.

That's life I suppose.

Look forward to all the completed.

jacqui" on Misadventures, Blunders And Psychopathy {read the post}

GrizzBabe commented, "Kilroy, excellent post. I agree wholeheartedly. There is waaay too much demonization of the "other" side to the point that our government has become largely ineffective. I long for the day when we stop calling each other names and start working together to build a better country." on The Want, Will and Hopes of the People {read the post}

GrizzBabe commented, "You're right, Lebron "the second coming of MJ" James is destined to stay in Cleveland and win a championship there. It's just a matter of time." on Views On The News Of This Sort And That {read the post}

Photograph by Kilroy_60


A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

How can you not like a writer who quotes John Gorka?!?

GrizzBabe said...

This was like a walk down memory lane, a very fuzzy memory lane. I kept thinking, "I said that?