Sunday, February 08, 2009

Foodies Go Gonzo!

The next Gonzo Blog Carnival is perfect for anyone whose passionate about food, whether you produce it, cook or just love to eat.

Yes, on 26 February Cooking With Kimberly, will host a...

It's the Foodies Go GONZO! Carnival.

Entries are being accepted now.

Posts, related to food, that qualify for entry, regardless of publication date, include those with the following themes...

---(-)-> Farming
---(-)-> Vegetable Gardens or Orchards
---(-)-> Your Favorite Food
---(-)-> How To Cook
---(-)-> Recipes
---(-)-> Restaurants

That, we think, should provide enough flexibility so that anyone with an interest in food should be able to participate.

The Rules for this carnival include...

---(-)-> Entries accepted from blogs only.
---(-)-> Only English language posts will be accepted.
---(-)-> No more than one post per blog.
---(-)-> No posts with titles that include profanity or pictures of a sexual nature.
---(-)-> No posts that are advertisements.

If you have any questions about the posts that qualify or the rules write a comment and you'll get a response there. That way anyone else who has the same question will also get the answer.

Submit your entry to Kimberly, email:


---(-)-> Your name as you would want it to appear in the post
---(-)-> The name of your blog
---(-)-> Your blog URL
---(-)-> The title of your post
---(-)-> The post URL

For Your Success, as always, is the sponsor of The Gonzo Blog Carnival Series.

The deadline for entries to the Blogospherian Picnic is Monday, 11:59 p.m., 23 February, 2009.

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