Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pulled Off To The Side Of The Road

The intensity of this trip has has become such that The Master Baiter and I agreed it would be best to pull off to the side of the road for a day or three.

"Going back to self-realization, one guru said he found no separation between man and God, saving man's spiritual unadventurousness, and that's the catch, everybody's so unadventurous. We're all conditioned, our consciousness has been so polluted by the material energy it's hard to try and pull it all ways in order to really discover our true nature. Every one of us has within us a drop of that ocean and we have the same qualities as God, just like a drop of the ocean has the same qualities as the whole ocean. Everybody's looking for something and we are it. We don't have to look anywhere --- it's right there within ourselves."
- George Harrison

George Harrison, hands down, was Al's favorite Beatle. "The Quiet Beatle" was known as much for his spirituality as his music.

Harrison, later in life, came to think of himself more as a gardener than a musician and he dedicated his autobiography "to gardeners everywhere."

I remember fondly listening to All Things Must Pass the first time I visited Al's house. Years later it was Cloud Nine and Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989.

It's no surprise that we were both fans of The Traveling Wilburys. Al, in fact, gave a number of friends, including The Master Baiter and myself, both the Wilbury CDs as gifts.

Tonight (it's after 3 AM which is still Saturday night to me), for the first time, both The Traveling Wilburys and George Harrison were added to The Last Road Trip's soundtrack.

After Harrison's death The Master Baiter gave Al and me a copy of The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 which included songs George recorded with Eric Clapton when they toured Japan.

To this day The Master Baiter has a framed postcard in his office that he received in 1991. Al sent it from Japan when he was there to see Harrison and Clapton in concert.

The Master Baiter has started work on an article discussing the importance of spirituality for people in treatment for depression and I'm going to bed.

I leave you with The Traveling Wilburys, Handle With Care...

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