Friday, July 17, 2009

A Celebration Of Beautiful Women

There's not a heterosexual man alive who doesn't enjoy pictures of beautiful women.

Women are, of course, accustomed to seeing certain types of models in fashion magazines and other mainstream media.

Critics are eager to point out that the use of models who embody the commonly held ideals of beauty has a variety of negative effects. Those objections aren't likely affect change any time soon.

Photographers who specialize in photographing models and celebrities are well versed in perpetuating the positive while minimizing any negatives.

Given that, I thought it was interested that people were surprised by this picture of Tina Fey...

It's both common and well known that the pictures which appear in fashion and entertainment magazines are manipulated by computer software, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy looking.

I found it rather entertaining that a certain segment objected during the 2008 Presidential campaign when people described Sarah Palin as attractive.

Nobody can look objectively at Palin's career and question whether or not the former beauty queen became popular because of her looks. Even Rush Limbaugh trumpeted that the Republicans had a babe on ticket.

Is there anyone who questions whether people cared about what Carrie Perjean said on the subject of marriage for any reason other than her looks?

True, she only had a forum because she was a beauty queen. But, let's face it, if she was plain looking nobody would have thought her opinion was worth discussing.

The recent death of Farrah Fawcett had people talking as much, if not more, about her being a pinup girl as they were her valiant fight against cancer.

For men of a certain age it was Farrah who was the first woman that represented what it meant to be beautiful.

By this time you might be asking: Why the discussion of beautiful women?

A year ago {July 11, 2008} I published a post titled Content Is King and one of the images in that post brought a web surfer {in Idaho Falls, Idaho} here last night which recorded visit number 64,000 since Site Meter was installed 6 March, 2007.

I don't run pictures of beautiful women as part of some SEO, traffic generating strategy. It comes naturally as something that flows from my interest.

No surprise, eh, that I ran a post titled There Are Few Things In Life More Attractive Than A Beautiful Woman?

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