Sunday, July 19, 2009

Headed For Wyoming

"Faith and doubt both are needed - not as antagonists, but working side by side to take us around the unknown curve."
-Lillian Smith

The Last Road Trip - Part 14

We spent three days in Utah. The majority of our time was devoted to exploring two national parks, Arches and Canyonlands.

We considered going to Wyoming yesterday morning, I even tweeted that we were on our way there, but agreed it would be better to spend the rest of the day in Utah to be absolutely sure we wanted to move on.

About the time the sun was due to set The Master Baiter asked whether I wanted to give it one more day or to head for Wyoming. We decided to camp for the night and travel North this morning.

When I phoned Al's wife at Black Squirrel Run she said she appreciated the effort we were making to be sure Al would be happy with the location where his ashes would be spread.

The idea of going to Wyoming, she said, is a good one.

The conversation with Al's wife made me laugh.

I suspect if the road trip Al and I were going to take had played out like this we would have looked at it as a great time.

After all, we've been to the Badlands of South Dakota, explored the Rocky Mountains, traveled along the Pacific Coast, checked out the Grand Canyon and visited the area with the greatest density of natural arches in the world.

We haven't taken any of these decisions lightly as to how much time we should spend, whether this state or that state is going to give us a better chance of finding what we're looking for or if we've made enough of an effort to consider options.

Every time we go to another state I believe we're going to find what we're looking for. When it doesn't happen it's frustrating, but neither of us is willing to compromise. We're not going to spread Al's ashes somewhere to simply get it over with and then have regrets later.

Will we find the Right spot to spread Al's ashes in Wyoming? I believe we will.

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crys said...

Well, the one thing his friend Al wanted to do, before making such a tragic decision, was to go on a road trip with his best friend.
A road trip is all about enjoying to trip for the trips sake... It is about the freedom of being on the road, last minute decisions and finding lost trails, going off the beaten path. It is about memories, reminiscing old memories and making new memories. It is about the adventure.
Whether Al knew it would be his remains that would accompany his friend on this trip is a secret known only to Al. But Al's idea of this trip has brought friends together, making memories, contemplating life and choices. It has brought out the wandering spirit that resided within his soul and connected him with places and people that were important to him and his friends. It has included memories, music, and adventures.
It has caused serious debates and discussions about life choices. True friends do not always agree with decisions made by their friends, but they still love that friend. They respect the person and the bond of their friendship.
If Wyoming is where Al is to rest, then friendship will tell you. I hear the coyotes howling Al's name now..