Thursday, May 10, 2007

The People Behind The Links...

From an email I wrote to one of my blog buddies...
You know what a mainstream, rigid, stick-to-it conformist that I am. What else can I say?

The latest, greatest edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere is on the books! If I must say, it's a damn good collection.

I've become acquainted with several bloggers with whom I've done link exchanges. It's been a long time since I created one of my questions lists. I don't think that qualifies as a meme; there's no theme and one question does not relate to the next in any way.

When my original blogspot crashed and burned in the Inescapable Blogger Archive Hell a ton of comments were lost in the void. I've had every intention of retrieving those comments and plugging them into this blog. Just as I picked up all the posts and republished them at the same date and time. Making the time to snare the comments has not bee possible. Someday perhaps.

In any case, I think resurrecting my two questionnaires and bringing back What Are Your ABC's will help get to know my new blog buddies better. So, let's explore with...

Exercise Your Brain and Get In The Game {Original publication date, 14 July, 2006}

-----(-)-> Naomi, Diary from England; LJP, ...Save.Save.Save...; Sugar Smacks, The Surprise In My Cereal Box; Tea And Margaritas In My Garden; Super Cookie, The Gadget Blog...C'mon and play along; don't be shy.

Questions and Answers - The Gonzo Papers {Original publication date, 18 August, 2006}

-----(-)-> Five from the latest, greatest edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide...: Whatever Blows Up My Skirt...; PARLANCHEQ; Robin Ann Walker, Artist's Impression; Luna's Celtic Realm; Dr. Blogstein from Dr. Blogstein's Radio Happy Hour Blog...I have the questions, what are your answers?

And, finally, my first meme! ABC, Easy as 1-2-3 (Original publication date, 12 June, 2006}

-----(-)-> Sheila, Alabama Kitchen Sink; Dirty Butter, YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES of a Bygone Era; LJP, ...Save.Save.Save...; Lisa, The Traveling Diva; Heather, Beautiful British Columbia... What are YOUR ABC's?

I wouldn't call these tags; requests for information would be more accurate. It will be interesting to see how things play out.

Thanks for visiting, YOU are invited to respond to any of the three sets of questions. Are you going to play? Since this is a Learning about you post, maybe you'd prefer to check out the new EDUCATION meme...


AtriaBooks said...

I'm suppose to fill something out?

Parlancheq said...

It only seems like I am ignoring this. ;) I will try to get to it in the next few days.

Parlancheq said...

OK, so it took weeks, not days, but I finally responded. Gold star for me. :)