Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blogging Blog Shares, A Weekly Update

The latest and greatest from Blog Shares...

Recently I ran a special edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Blogosphere based on my portfolio. Since then my holdings have bulged; I own a whole lot more stock as well. 8-D

I have stock in over 500 blogs now! I've started to organize them into folders that are loosely categorized. In the next week or two I'll post a portfolio update. That will provide the opportunity to go through the list to see what I want to hold on to and which ones I'll cut loose for a profit. {Which may make my holdings bulge even more.}

There have been some interesting developments in the game since the performance report I wrote about two weeks ago.

One of the things I wrote about at that time was karma; something you know I feel is essential in achieving any harmony in life.

When it comes to karma in Blog Shares, I needed to call on one of the more experienced players for an explanation. Here's the scoop:

Karma is a community ranking system based solely on a player's level and accuracy of voting and moderating. Players gain karma by first placing correct votes on blogs, then having a moderator accept the vote (this can take only minutes or several days to occur). Each accepted vote (or moderated vote) gains a player +1 karma in addition to Chips. Rejected votes will award -1 karma.

I know, there are multiple bloggable subjects in that description. For the moment I just wanted to provide some color. My karma score has gone from -24 to +17!!

Instant karma's gonna get you... - John Lennon

My net worth has grown this month over 246%; yet I'm still ranked 543rd in the game. Moving up's a challenge, but the potential of having it happen makes the game more interesting.

A variable in this equation is that Blog Shares is running a campaign at the moment where posting about the game earns you chips. Which means this update serves me in a number of ways. Tic, Tac and Toe!!!

As I said, my portfolio is grown {And again, my holdings are bulging} from 419 to 587 blogs. The value of the portfolio has grown exponentially from B$254,108,498.61 to B$354,717,564.73.

In terms of cashish, I hold B$3,897,246,996.99; that's only up about B$2.5 million. My corporate investment, though, is huge. More than double in fact up to B$67,430,811,969.80!

Things unfortunately didn't work out with A Strategic Alliance Corporation; that was a real disappointment. Still rolling along with Robber Barons; I've also joined B$ Bears and BlogShares Airlines.

When you join a corporation you create a motto. Mine are Opportunities Knock; Know When To Answer with Robber Barons; Orbiting On The Spacestation with BlogShares Airlines; and my favorite Let's have Stephen Colbert for lunch 8-) with B$ Bears.

One more thing before I close out today, you can get graphs to illustrate your performance in various areas of the game. {It's a free service.} You get the first one just a few days after you sign up. That gives some time to collect performance data; otherwise it would be nothing but a straight line.

Check these out, based on performance since January 25th:

Net Worth



RomanceWriter said...

This blog shares games sounds fun but odd. I would join in but I have too many other things online that suck my time already. Still best of luck to you on growing your portfolio.

Anonymous said...

The game is too inbred. The staff are actually playing the game...conflicts of interest abound.

IMs voting for or against ideas to manipulate their value...

BSEC members bringing bogus charges against players as retribution...

It's all bullshit.