Thursday, January 18, 2007

TiVoing The Gonzo Papers - Looking Back Over Last 60 Posts

Megaposting Continues!

Photograph by Kilroy_60

Back on December 28th I put together a compilation of posts written since my one year blogiversary. Now, 60 posts later, it seems like a good time to put up another update.

As I did the first time, I'll list the "traditional" Kilroy Gonzo! posts followed by the Pay Per Post ads. I'm pleased to say that only a small minority of the sponsored posts are "straight" advertising; while continuing to get the job done for the advertisers.

I'm not being paid any extra by the Pay Per Post advertisers for the additional linkage. I wanted to provide a complete overview of the postings. I'm actually not being paid for one of the ads, but I kept it posted because it was well written. Life at times is not fair; it's all in how you deal with it.

I need to think of something special to do for my 300th post. Which raises an interesting question in terms of marking milestones. That's definitely has bloggability...

The Kilroy Papers

A Delicious Dish In Hotlanta... And Good Food Too 8-)
Blog Village Edition - A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere
Introducing The Cast
What Was To Be At 6:02 AM Turned Out Naught At 8:41 AM
Heaven And Hell Share Top Billing
Post Number 200 - Life Is A Blog Carnival
Winner Of Headline Writing Contest Announced
If You're Feeling Froggy, Jump!
Ice Milk Dairy
A Kilroy Sunrise!
Have I Ever Mentioned?
Comment Moderation And Updated On "1,000 Comments"
OH... UH OH 8-( aka Fear And Loathing In The Buckeye State
It's A Wonder The Things I Wonder About
My Most Recent Sunset Safari
I Violate FAA Altitude Regulations Without Ever Leaving My Chair
Posting A Gonzo! Post About Pay Per Post Posting
One More Sunset Shot
No, It Wasn't SchemesAlot
Blog Villager's Newest Featured Blogger
That's It! That's The Movie!!
The First Gonzo Blog Carnival!
"Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It..." --(-)-> A Kilroy Production
'Aints They 'Aint
Have You Noticed?
My Blog Shares Portfolio - A Special Edition Of A Hitchhiker's Guide
A Final Look Before Moving On
Blog Village Goes Gonzo! Our Next Carnival
It's Kilroy Rhyme Time
Networking For Success; The Price You're Willing To Pay
I'm Trying To Decide

Pay Per Post Goes Gonzo!

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