Friday, March 02, 2007

An Update On The Megaposting Experiment

Five days down, one to go for my birthday celebration. The schedule worked out perfectly this year. On Sunday, I rest.

It's good to get away. The weather has been great! I'm feeling a bit odd; not sure why. Drug-fueled shenanigans? Pillaging the countryside? Raucous sex? It was really strange, this morning I was startled awake out of a dream. It was like I'd been awash in a sea of, I know this sounds bizarre...chocolate?!?

Spending time away, having some time to reflect, I've decided to modify the Megaposting experiment a bit. I'm going to continue writing spots for Pay Per Post; But not as often and not as many.

I still have work to do to get the things I wanted when I started doing the sponsored posts. The experiment has gone well so far. It's just gotten to be a bit much.

I think this is a good spot to look back over the last batch of megapost posts. I haven't done a post review since January 18th; The first one ran on December 28.

As with the previous overviews the, if I dare say, "normal" posts will be first and the Pay Per Post Goes Gonzo! posts following.

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Pay Per Post Goes Gonzo, Again!...

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Now Ladies And Gentleman, We're Proud To Present...
A Sponsored Website Review

So that's it. In three months there have been 193 posts including 88 Pay Per Post spots.

Something to think about after publishing just about 100 posts exactly through my first year. For now, though, it's time to luau!


Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Hey, I made the exact same decision! Less Pay Per Post ads - I think I've been boring away the few readers I gained. So, I'm trying hard to write more quality and less filler. I was driving myself NUTS!!!

'A Photographer's Eye' is linked. I'm always happy to do that :)

Please explain about syndicating Hugo's picture... do you mean much like you've done with your photos?

On to the new carnival idea - yes, I love participating in the carnivals but find most of them far too long - with posts which ramble on forever (sort of like this comment) - so I never get around to reading them all - then feel guilty.

If they were all short and sweet, it would be less work for the host, not as cumbersome a project for the reader and a wonderful way to get exposure.

Now, anything which uses Mr Linky is great in my book!

Keep me in the loop though - I'll participate whenever possible :)

*DB* said...

I've been sadly remiss in reading any blogs as well! You changed your had a BIRTHDAY! Happy Belated! Good to see you again.